Thursday, January 31, 2008


so john edwards dropped out of the run for presidency.
that's kind of sad because i would have most likely voted for him.
now i have to decide between a black guy and a white woman.

so the electricity went out again in my neighborhood for like an hour this morning.
panic started to set in after the electric did not come back on after about ten minutes.
i started to go into survival mode quickly.
i guess when you go through not having electricity for a week and a half right before xmas,
your mind just goes automatically back to what happened last time.
maybe like vietnam vets who have flashbacks when they hear a loud crash or something.

bernie and brittany severely crack my ass up.
they are my favorite members on the biggest loser season 5.
clip one
clip two
clip three
yes, i started watching it.
and every episode makes me cry.
but it helps that these two are hilarious.

wishbone spritzers has a new caesar flavor.
it's off the hook.
i wish they would introduce more flavors to their line.
i had stopped using the spritzers a while back because italian got old and i did not like the other 2 flavors.
now caesar is here to save the day!

i finally found a multi-vitamin that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach right after i take it.
it's a generic walgreen's one for energy.
so yay! for being able to take multi-vitamins again. :)

i was almost in a car accident when i was coming home from jennifer's.
i wish stupid fucking people would learn that you can't just slam on your breaks in this kind of weather.
i nearly rear-ended the lexus suv in front of me because her lexus-havin-ass thought it was cute to slam her brakes instead of paying attention to the road.
i seriously came inches from hitting her.
and then a police officer happened to be really close by too.
luckily i didn't get into any trouble because of her dumb ass.

so i SERIOUSLY need to clear out my closet.
i bought three more articles of clothing today.
when i should be getting rid of the clothes.

i also need to dye my hair today.
my hair just looks horrible.
i also need to get a flat iron.
and a better haircut.

my sister text messaged me today for the first time in month.
she only wanted to know if i had gotten my dtv w2 yet.
i didn't reply back.
if you can't even ask me how i'm doing first...
then i'm not going to answer your question.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

saying my goodbyes

i have set a move date finally.
my last day at work will be tuesday 3/25.
that's the end of our pay period.
i will hit the road early saturday morning 3/29.
that gives me a few days to finish getting my home cleared out
and getting utilities taken care of
and saying my goodbyes.

i was looking through my aaa tour book for washington,
and it looks like it might be a little bit cheaper than expected to stay for a week in a hotel when i arrive.
there are 3 that aaa has suggested with weekly rates and allow pets free of charge.
now, i just need to call these hotels to get exact quotes.
i should save at least 10% more with my aaa membership.

i posted an entry to a community blog in livejournal for spokane.
i asked a bunch of questions that i was curious about.
and so far,
i have gotten a lot of good answers...
one person even directed me to the spokane falls community college that offers a library technician program.
i didn't know community colleges offered that!

i got my albertsons w-2 in the mail.
so, now i am still waiting on directv.
if it does not get here by when i want to file,
i guess i will just pretend i did not work at dtv part-time for 4 or 5 months.
i don't have the money to file yet anyways.
i know i am gonna owe money...
so i need to get that thought out of my head that i might actually get money back.
but it is looking like i may not have to pay as much as i originally thought...
which is kind of like getting money back, right?

i finally got up the nerve to pawn me and my ex's wedding bands.
so i will put that towards my fund to get my car tune-up and/or paying taxes.
i could put it towards my gas bill,
but then i know i will end up blowing the money instead on something else.

i thought that this article was funny.
it goes into how sometimes dieting feels like you're having road rage.

jennifer and i got pedometers.
i know they are not completely accurate,
but i guess it's a step in the direction of knowing how much we walk.
we set them to the mile markers at la fortune park.
so they are pretty close.

tofu squares marinated in soy sauce are yumminess.

writing on my bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker has helped a lot or the last few weeks.
i write my morning to-do list on my mirror.
so i don't leave the house forgetting to do anything.
i think everyone should do this.

i'm almost out of e-boost.
only a couple packets left. :(

Thursday, January 24, 2008

egg rolls!

so i took brandy in for her vet visit last friday.
the vet kind of aggravated me because she took my dog in the back to give her the shots.
they've never done this.
i happened to like this vet,
and hope she is being honest...
but how do i know i got the shots that i paid for??
then she says me dog has worms.
my dog has been on the heartworm pill and is an inside dog.
how on earth did my dog get worms?
i would have noticed worms...
because she had them when we got her.
i think they are lying to get more money out of me for unnecessary meds.
good thing this will be her last visit to that vet.

i got my tags renewed today.
they cost me more this year than last.
it's the same fucking car... it should have been less!
i'm just glad i was in and out of there in under 10 minutes.

i also got my AAA membership today.
it was easy and fast.
i got lots of travel books and a map for my move.
i was under the impression that you could really only save on hotels by having a AAA membership,
but turns out there are A LOT of retail outlets that give discounts to AAA members.
so i am glad i got that taken care of.

i'm just feeling all around accomplished lately.
i even sewed my 2 missing buttons back on my coat today while doing laundry.
the buttons had come undone about a year ago...

jennifer and i have been keeping up with our walking commitment for the most part.
i wish we could walk together more often because i hate my damn treadmill.
it is very boring.

i canceled my netflix membership.
i love love love netflix,
but i am trying to save money and i really don't need to be watching so many movies.
if i get bored i can watch one online or something.

i need to buy a new pre-paid cellphone with a spokane number.
i was going to do it tuesday,
but when i got to the checkout,
i realized i forgot my debit card at home.
it's probably for the best because it was a more expensive one that i didn't need...
and i was going to buy a $25 pedometer i did not really need either.

oh yeah, and i made homemade egg rolls!
they are a little bit healthier than normal egg rolls and they are good!!!!
so now i don't have to crave chinese food as much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

treat it as if it is a potential lover

i subscribe to a lot of financial blogs,
which i don't get to read as often as i would like to anymore.
but i did read a blog entry at that made a lot of sense.
the steps listed in this blog entry can be used for many different purposes really.
i think the main key to success is being passionate about what it is you want to achieve.
i've heard it many times in the past...
over and over and over again.
but it's really clicking for me right now.
in a lot of ways.
i'm discovering a lot of things about myself that i never took the time to realize.
some things i'm finding out about myself are great.
and some are not so good.

today is the 2 week mark.
i've been making fruit & veggie blended drinks and doing the treadmill thing for 2 weeks.
they say that it takes 2 weeks to develop a habit.
but on this one, i'm gonna have to say it's going to take longer.
sure, i've been doing it without much of a struggle...
but i have to become more passionate about it.
yup, i used the word 'passionate' again.
i don't feel like i can truly make this a habit unless i LIVE for it.

right now it seems like i LIVE for my financial happiness though.
is it possible to live for more than one thing?
i don't want to turn OCD.
but for me, the only way for me to succeed at something is to treat it as if it is a potential lover.
i have to spend a lot of time getting to know it (lots and lots of research).
i have to think about it constantly.
it has to make me happy when i think about it.
i have to dream about it.
it pretty much has to consume my life.
that's what this whole moving and saving money has done to me.
i think i have darn near succeeded at that.
but i need to make some more space in my thoughts for this energy-boosting/weight-loss management.
it's a little difficult...
but it's happening slowly.
i just need to feel like this isn't consuming so much of my time.
i catch myself thinking constantly,
"doing this extra walking on the treadmill is great and it's boosting my energy levels, but it takes too much time out of my day. i could be doing other stuff right now."
and i am wondering if this is a good or bad thought?
is it good that i am even considering being able to do other stuff?
because i have been so lazy lately that i have not wanted to do ANYTHING.
or is it a bad thought because i am trying to con myself to get off the treadmill?
i guess i am thinking too much.

i got a few sample packets of emergen-c in the mail not too long ago.
people have compared it to airborne or e-boost.
emergen-c is fucking gross!
i would rather have airborne or e-boost.

speaking of e-boost,
i took some yesterday with some random dietary pill i happened to have (i don't recall really what it was because i have a few energy pills laying around).
and i was in the best mood i've been in in weeks.
i wonder if was the e-boost/diet pill combo?
i don't know but i'm glad i could be so happy for once.

also, toothache completely gone.
which is awesome! :)
didn't have to go to the dentist or use any pain relievers.

and speaking of teeth,
white teeth by zadie smith turns out so far to be a pretty good read.
i've read every night for the 6 or 7 nights.
i am trying to also get into the habit of reading again,
after taking such a long break.

i don't know if any of you subscribe to blogs via rss,
but if you do, please add my blog to your collection. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

junkie symphonies

a few of my friends are going through hard times right now.
whether it be due to bad choices or just life shitting on you in general.
a few people have actually turned to me for advice lately.
which i am flattered about.
because i have become very, very passionate about saving money and all the tricks to do so.

this blog entry is a fun read for anyone that has tried to save money.
the ways some of these people have saved money are both hilarious and tragic.

i think sometime in the near future i will make a blog about things i have done and currently do to save money.
things that might help other people....
or disgust other people... whichever.
i will title the blog "frugalism".
look for it.
yeah, i realize frugalism is not a word.
but it should be!
or maybe frugality is good enough?

jennifer and i have decided to meet up twice a week for walking.
we walked the 3.2 miles around la fortune park saturday afternoon.
it was fun... even though i should have left the dog at home.
walking helps me feel better and gives me more energy to make it through the day.
sure, it isn't much.. but it's a start.
plus it give me quality time with my buddy.
michael will be joining us when he is out of "the states custody" as he puts it.

i'm tired of hearing the fire truck and ambulance sirens.
and why can i not understand a word crackheads say?
do you have your own language when you're fucked up?

since when are my crackhead neighbors allowed to have a piano?
and why do they compose their junkie symphonies in the middle of the night?

i am very, very close to finally being able to burn dvds.
it's such a damn long process when you aren't willing to spend any money for the fancy software to do it with.
i have found a few free options to use.
i converted harold & kumar go to white castle to a dvd file and burned it to dvd, but apparently there are a few errors in the file because it only played half way through on my dvd player.
i will attempt it again with a different movie,
hopefully with a better result.
i want to be able to burn copies of the majority of my own dvd collection, so i can sell my dvds on and have less to move.

i have a toothache.
i have not had one like this since i lived with chris in indy.
so that's been about 5 years?
it's my damn wisdom tooth on the lower-right side.
it's been hurting for a couple of days now.
nothing extremely painful.
but annoying, yes.
if it continues for a few more days,
i will make a dentist appointment.
i needed to go to the dentist anyways....
but i was kind of looking to not spend much money.
maybe if i don't eat anything hard or sweet or salty....
looks like it's jello time for me.
i wish i had some orajel.

i got a $50 shell gift card in the mail saturday.
yay for!
this will help with my moving budget.
hopefully i will not spend it before then...

by this time next weekend,
i hope to have at least 4 more things crossed off of my list of things i need to do before i move.
1 - take brandy to the vet. shoulda took her over the summer... but didn't.
2 - get AAA premium package. i'm sure the budget package is a lot cheaper, but it doesn't have all the perks of the premium one and i need those perks incase something bad happens during the travel.
3 - renew my tags. gotta do it anyways.. it's that time of the year for me.
4 - buy a pre-paid cellphone with a spokane phone number. so potential employers and landlords won't have to dial a long distance number to reach me.

that will leave me with just the big things to get done.
like getting a tune-up on my car and filing/paying my taxes.

i think the movie juno is awesome.
it seems a little fake at times...
but overall, i loved it.
maybe cuz ellen page is so great.

i finally finished reading a book i started .....
well, i don't really recall when i started it.
but it's done.
now to move on to white teeth by zadie smith.
yet another book i've had in my possession for quite some time,
but never got a chance to read.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i dropped a fork

the movie "the year of the dog" is crazy.
molly shannon kind of in a way reminds me of myself in this movie.
except maybe i'm not crazy.
but as soon as the right chihuahua comes up for adoption,
i will adopt it.

the movie "weirdsville" was kinda silly.
midgets in armor = awesomeness.

i have been making fruit/veggie smoothies everyday.
i am developing more of a taste for them now.
sometimes i add a little bit of a sugar-free pink lemonade drink mix to them.
carrots and lettuce never tasted so good.
plus it's helping me eat less.
i didn't really notice it until just now.
i don't care if it disgusts some of you.
it's healthy and may end up saving me a lot of money.

i dropped a fork on the floor in the kitchen and
when i bent down to pick it up,
it was gone.
nowhere to be found at all.
it's bothered me so bad,
i've spent an hour overall looking for it.
i know the dog didn't snatch it up before i looked down.
i looked under the fridge and stove and table and everything.

i think this website is interesting.
i wonder how accurate it really is?

i tried to use this once,
but i never got an answer back.
i wonder if i did something wrong?
it seems like a reeeeeeally good idea.
they are suppose to answer any question you have as knowledgeable as possible via text message.

for those of you with new year's resolutions ...
or just goals in general,
i still think you should check out
i've been a member since may,
and i've completed 90 things.
sure some are small, but some are big.
it has really helped me achieve what i want to.

i have started reading again.
i stopped for a quite some time.
i'm hoping to finish the book i started a long ass time ago by this weekend.
then maybe i can move on to a book i actually want to read.

i've decided that as soon as a female chihuahua become available for adoption via ,
i will adopt her.
brandy needs a playmate and i always wanted at least two chihuahuas.
i prefer a female because male animals tend to misbehave more from my own experience.
i was going to wait until after i move...
and i may end up still having to...
but i've noticed hardly any chihuahuas come up for adoption in spokane.
guess it's too cold to breed em up there?

thank you to anyone and everyone that has clicked the google ads to the left of my blog.
but unfortunately, for some odd reason, it isn't logging all the clicks.
in fact, it's only showing 3 whole clicks EVER.
so continue clicking if you can.
i really do appreciate it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

i have a funeral playlist

i've mentioned it to a few people,
i have a funeral playlist on my itunes.
just incase.
is that weird?

i have spent more time on my treadmill the last couple of days than i have spent on it in the last couple of years.
i am trying to improve my energy level.
so far, it is working for the most part.
i get caught up watching a movie while walking and i forget that i am actually walking on the treadmill.
i hope that i am able to keep this up for the next few months.
no, i didn't have 'lose weight' as a new years resolution.
i don't make resolutions.
and i'm not doing it to lose weight,
although it is apparent that i should.
i am doing it to feel less lazy and get energy back in my life to do stuff again.

so, to go along with canceling my internet access,
i will be canceling my netflix at the end of the month.
it won't save me a bunch of money, but it'll save enough to make a little bit of a difference.
i will still be able to log on to my netflix account and make changes even if i cancel membership.
so i can continue to rate movies and receive recommendations.
and i can work on my queue down by watching movies other ways.

my electric bill was considerably less, thanks to the ice storm.
but my gas bill was considerably more.
so i guess it was a flush after all.
my electric bill is still negative due to my deposit.
so i didn't have to pay anyways.
the money i would have paid towards that bill is being transfered to savings.

so, after being able to mooch off of someone's wifi access for the last 3 days steadily, i was not able to do so this morning when i wanted to.
so i took the laptop to the tanning bed's parking lot, and no luck there either.
so like i've stated before,
please do not send me urgent messages online via email, myspace, instant messenger, etc because i won't get them right away.
but after running errands, i was able to get online by afternoon at home.

i went to the university of wash today for the first time.
not impressed.
too many people doing SEVERAL loads of laundry.
and there i am just needing to wash 2 loads.
it took me forever.
i ended up just washing the laundry and bringing the clothes home to air dry on the line outside.
i will either try a different laundry place or go back when it's less busy.

i got my haircut today.
i like it, but it's nothing awesome.
but it was better than expected for the price. :)


i also ended up going to target and buying a bunch of shit i don't need.
spent $70 there.
how on earth am i supposed to save money when i go out and splurge like that????
i did get a sweater/jacket that i will need.
and a thermal white shirt that i also need for work.
headphone i did not REALLY need.
i should not have opened them.
i should have taken them back.
damnit. bad, bad naomi.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

delete hillary as a myspace friend

i finally got around to canceling my internet service.
i put it off for a few days because i hate calling companies.
and of course it was a 13 minute nightmare of arguing with a customer service rep about why i want to cancel.

if you send me a message online or whatever,
and i don't respond right away,
please remember the disconnection from the intranets...
as president bush would say.

with my new spare time i hope to start reading more again,
and maybe spend more time on the treadmill again.
but sadly, i will likely take up watching more television also while mooching wifi access in my living room.

idiocracy is a pretty funny movie.
pretty decent cast.
i got a few good laughs...
it's directed by mike judge who did office space and everyone's favorite cartoon idiots, beavis & butt-head.

the bucket list is a pretty good movie also.
it kind of makes you think about your own mortality,
and what you might do in their position.

i think everyone should check out this blog entry before you decide which presidential candidate you like the most.
i decided to delete hillary as a myspace friend. lol

also, as i mentioned before,
i signed up for a blogger account to use.
some of you have actually took the time to click the links provided,
and read my blogs there.
you guys are awesome.
the rest of you, well... apparently you have better things to do.

BUT, one reason i started using blogger was for the ads from google.
for every click on these ads, i get around .19 cents.
of course i won't see this money until i reach over 500 clicks.
so, normally i would not ask my friends to do this,
but i need as much extra money for my move and things i have to do before i move.
so if you could click a banner once or twice, and then simply close the website it directed you to,
that would be great.
i would do it myself,
but i would get into "trouble" for clicking on my own ads.
i'm not asking you to donate money to me.
i'm not asking you to buy anything.
i'm just asking for a half second of your time...
if you're reading this,
i've already wasted a good deal of your time anyhow.
so why not click one of the ads to the left of this blog??

does anyone know where i can find some healthy smoothie recipes?
or have any that you like?
i've been watching a little too much tv today and on montel williams,
there was mention of making fruit/veggie smoothies to get your daily servings in.
i wanna try this.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

half curly-cue red mustache

i awoke to gunshots monday night.
my first thought was "not again..."
but then i looked over at the alarm clock and realized it was midnight on new years eve.
safe for one more night.
i did however, lock my gate earlier that night.
i was bothered twice by this stoner dude looking for his girlfriend.
..."if you see jessica, tell her to come home. i got a lot of money. a lot."
didn't i just tell him i don't even know a jessica?

nothing is more traumatizing than witnessing two mildly retarded co-workers making out by the trash compactor at work.
i think i am going to be emotionally scarred for the rest of my life.
i looked over, saw them necking.
i wanted to scream at the top of my lungs.
but it turned out to be more of a loud gasp.

i have come up with a scenario i would like to act out at work.
i'd like to draw a half curly-cue red mustache on my upper lip with a sharpie.
the mustache would be just on the right side of my face.
i would be at work and i'd be sitting at my desk... pretending productiveness.
i would have my hand casually covering up the drawn-on mustache.
my boss would come into my office and sit down next to me to sign-off on his invoices.
as soon as he looks up from the invoices,
i would move my hand from my face.
i wonder what his reaction would be.
would he laugh?
would he seem concerned that maybe i did not realize the half-mustache?
would he even notice it?

distorted half red mustache