Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mysteriously died while changing a light bulb

i put a nice chunk of my dvd collection on friday evening.
all of them sold by yesterday.
happy and sad about it.
but i know i can buy them again later.
i am only keeping around 20 dvds.

i thoroughly cleaned out my car and trunk saturday.
i feel like i could fit everything in that trunk...
but i know it isn't true.
but it's a lot bigger now that i threw out an old flat tire.
i think that i will be able to haul everything that i anticipate taking with me in just the trunk.

i hate the irs.
i wish they would send out my rebate checks as quickly as they cash my payments to them.
luckily, washington state does not require you to pay or file state taxes.

i felt like a total loser on sunday.
i decided it would be a good idea at 10 am to finish off my bottle of gin.
and from there,
i proceeded to chow down on multiple bags of popcorn while drinking...
and playing sims...
and purposely killing off 2 sim characters after one of my new characters mysteriously died while changing a light bulb.

i went to officially cancel my tanning membership yesterday...
and the manager said i had to give a month notice.
what the hell?
my contract was up at the beginning of this month anyways.
i think it's bullshit.
but apparently it was stated on my contract and i did not see it.
so one more month to pay for tanning i do not even use anymore.
i guess i really should get back into the habit of going more now.
i hate wasting money.

speaking of a month's notice,
i have been writing a rough draft letter of notice to my landlord.
i need to get it in the mail by tomorrow.
i was talking to my sister yesterday about moving,
and she might be interested in moving into my house when i move out.
it would be a smooth transaction for all of us,
but i don't know if i want her living next to all of these crack heads like i have had to.

i called around to a few albertson stores in spokane.
none of them have anything available that i would really be interested in.
but i realize i may have to just settle...
just to get my foot in the door.
just to have job employment lined up.
until i can find something better when i get there.
i will probably call back tomorrow to the store closest to where i want to live and see what exactly i need to do to be hired back on with them.

oprah had a show today about freegans.
i love freegans.
i wish more people were not grossed out by what they do.
i wish i could be more freegan.
maybe i will try it after i move.
i just hate that so much stuff goes to waste.
i hate that the grocery store i work for throws out so much good food.
i wish i was allowed to take some home.

i'm struggling with some thoughts of mine.
since i will not be seeing my loved ones very often at all after i move,
i wonder if i should make peace with some people that i feel have done me wrong (a couple family members and an ex-friend).
or should i just forgive them in my own mind and heart?
i don't want any bad karma or anything for leaving on bad terms with some people....
but do they really deserve a verbal apology and a goodbye?
if it were them leaving me forever,
i think i would want an apology and goodbye.
i guess this is why i am perplexed about it

Thursday, February 21, 2008

total lack of respect

first off, i want to congratulate jennifer on her new baby boy (and her gas).
he was born super early, so i have not gotten to see him.
thomas had video of him that i got to see though at the hospital.
he was so tiny and his face was covered up,
but i am sure he is beautiful like her other sons. :)

i've started going through my closet for clothes to get rid of.
i have these crazy ugly pant suits that never fit right.
they are either too small or way too big.
and even if they did fit,
the are just hideous.
so those are really going bye bye.
i have dresses that are nearly ten years old.
i just kept holding on to them...
hoping i would fit back into them.
and now i realize that even if i could fit them now,
they are so outdated and not fashionable at all.
i also got rid of my wedding dress finally.

hey, and i finally took down my christmas decorations.
but of course they immediately went into a box for goodwill.
i will really miss my nutcrackers...
but there is only so much i can take with me...
and well, nutcrackers are not THAT important.
i can find more later.

i bought a new pre-paid cellphone on sunday to get a spokane phone number before the move,
but the phone doesn't really work.
i think the battery is fucked.
it never ever showed the phone had charged.
and it will not turn on when it is not on the charger.
i am able to briefly call my other cellphone from it.
so i know that it's activated and working...
i think it's just the battery.
i'm pissed.
i wonder if i buy a new battery it will do the same thing?
and the damn bluetooth won't sync with my laptop either.
piece of shit.

work makes me so damn angry.
my co-workers show such a total lack of respect for me.
i don't know if it's because i am a female or because i am young.
maybe both.
it feels like they are saying,
"hey naomi, you don't mind if we take a steamy hot shit on you, do you?...
well, i guess it doesn't matter because we're gonna do it anyways!"
so, i am counting down my actual work days until i move.
it makes me happier seeing such a small number of days left.
this company that took over our albertsons store is just fucking rude in general anyways.
i should have known that i was in for some stupid shit from the first time i met the oompa loompa owner of the company.

i got my eboost in the mail yesterday, so maybe that will help ease my current crankiness.
it has already helped me with a hangover i had this morning.

i found a way to get back at the backstabbing bitch at work that felt the need to tell everyone i was leaving...
even though she was not supposed to tell anyone.
i have been sharing some information about her with a few select people that will gossip like crazy about it.
i guess the backstabbing bitch should not have gotten shit faced at a party last month and got gang-banged by 4 guys.
no wonder she shows little respect for her co-workers...
she doesn't even respect herself.

so fasfa came back and i'm not eligible for a pell grant...
and my efc is kind of high.
i guess my need is not great enough based on my annual income and how much it would cost me to be a full time student at a community college.
so i just have to wait for the schools to get ahold of me.
i am thinking now that maybe i will not have time for this right now.
i think i pretty much have my hands full with moving as it is.
maybe i should put it off until next year?
but then again,
i will probably say that next year as well.
i guess i will just see what happens.

well, the irs cashed my check for my federal taxes i owed in 2004,
and it hasn't even been a week since i filed and sent it in the regular mail.
i really thought the state tax checks would get cashed first.
but anyways, maybe that means that i will also soon be getting checks in the mail for the federal taxes owed to me from 2005 and 2006 soon.
that would be nice.

i also got my car tuned-up today.
i was going to wait until it was almost time for me to move,
but then i didn't want to take the risk of traveling that far,
and find out the mechanics did a shitty job and fucked something up.
so after having my car for about 2 1/2 years,
i also finally found out why the check engine light was always on.
it was some vacuum tube thing that was loose.
that was all.
i got my serpentine belt replaced.
it had lots of cracks in it and would not have lasted for my trip.
i also got my tires rotated for free at sears.
now all i need to have done is get the heat a/c looked at/fixed.
that i will actually have to wait a couple weeks to afford to be able to do.
but i was able to mark 3 things off of my moving to-do list just with one stop.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


things i have done to pinch pennies:

- when bar soap dwindles down to the point you can't really use it anymore,
store the remainder of that soap in the foot of an old nylon stocking.
when you run out of bar soap, you will have the remainders of bar soap bars in the nylon stocking to use. simply tie off the end of the cut stocking heel and dip it water.
it immediately suds up.

-don't clip coupons unless you get the newspaper they came in for free and if you can actually use the coupon. try to use coupons only at stores that double them and if the item is on sale.

-don't buy newspapers. they are online. same with magazines.

- plan all of your errands in one area in the same trip if possible. it will save you gas and time.

-get inspired to save money. subscribe to blogs with rss feeds for financial help blogs. i currently subscribe to 9. sure to be more as i find more worthwhile ones.

-set your home thermostat as low as you can possibly stand it. wear layers in winter and use a ceiling fan in summer.

-invest in power strips. once again, saves on the electric bill.

-sell your clutter on ebay or amazon.

-start an emergency fund by automatically having a percent of your paycheck transfered into a high yield savings account every pay period. you'll never miss it if it's a small enough amount and it's done automatically. you'll be less likely to be burned by unexpected expenses.

-if shopping makes you feel happy, find something to replace shopping with that will make you feel just as good. something that doesn't involve spending money. like walking in the park or listening to your favorite music.

-learn to sew and/or knit. i don't really know how to do either yet. but i can imagine the money you would save by sewing/knitting yourself. buy yarn and fabric on sale. buy patterns on ebay.

-stop drinking soda. flavored drink mixes and tea are extremely cheaper. but water is cheapest and best of all.

-buy your eyeglasses and/or contacts online. i save at least 75% this way.

-become a vegetarian. meats cost too much usually. vegetables are less costly and didn't once have a mother.

-if you are traveling a short distance, walk or bike. save the gas.

-cancel your cable. tv is mind numbing. pull out the rabbit ears to get your local stations. if you really like a certain television show, download it online or rent the season on dvd.

-if you don't use your home landline phone, cancel it. no sense in paying extra money for something you rarely use.

-shop generics. if generics bother you or your family, take the food out of the packaging and store it in the brand name packaging or simple plastic containers. i always take my cereal out of the box and put it in a plastic cereal container. i do the same with my dog's food.

-stop eating out. cooking at home saves a ton of money.

-flour is simply amazing. learn to cook/bake from scratch. you'll save lots of money from not having to buy doughs or dough mixes.

-if you have a big enough freezer, cook meals in bulk. if you get a good deal of a certain meat, buy it, cook up several meals in advance with it, freeze it. thaw to eat when you are ready.

-stockpile fast food condiments. you'll never have to buy ketchup or sugar again.

-partake in clearance and markdown food items at the grocery store.

-never, ever lease a car. always buy a good used vehicle. not having a car payments is a big relief.

-compare insurance rates.

-develop a budget.

-make sure you have renters or home owner's insurance. it's always better safe than sorry. it'll pay for itself if something bad happens.

-have potluck parties. this includes liquor.

-buy after holidays.

-shop thrift over retail whenever possible.

- sign-up for free offers in the mail. whether it be samples of new products or coupons. it really helps! i have even gotten full size razors in the mail.

- re-useable bottles! use your own water/soda/drink mix. don't buy from work or the store. why spent $1-2 on a bottle of water when it's essentially the same thing from your kitchen sink??? buy a pretty $20 sigg bottle and reuse it over and over and over again. it pays for itself. plus some have water filters in them! you'll save the earth and your wallet.

- if you have a surplus of paper napkins and paper towels like i do,
use them occasionally for toilet paper.... unless you are just oh so sensitive or have a bad septic tank.
it helps cut back on those $1 rolls of toilet paper.

-make your own laundry soap. i have not done this yet... but i've been to countless websites that instruct you how and give you a round number of how much $$ you will save by making your own.

- you never have a need to purchase books, music, or movies retail. go to the library or use or if you still can't find what you are looking for, buy it second-hand on

-if you are crafty, make money doing what you're good at. open an account at and bring in more $$$. more and more, people prefer to buy one-of-a-kind items over mass-produced crap from wal-mart. if i had more time on my hands, i would consider doing this myself.

-wait 30 days before making a major purchase. after 30 days if you still think you need the item, buy it. chances are though, you won't even remember what you thought you needed.

-if you plan on making a big purchase, sign up for a rewards program first.
i am a member of ... it gives you points per dollar spent at certain websites. those points can be cashed in for gift cards at your favorite retailers. i have earned hundreds of dollars this way... just by purchasing things online that i was gonna buy anyways.

-if you haven't already, switch to cfl light bulbs. i was a skeptic too when i was introduced to them about 5 years ago. but they really do cut down on the electric bill!

- instead of spending so much money renting movies at your local blockbuster, sign up for and get them cheaper and sent to your own home. and if that still isn't cheap enough for you, there are sites like that allow you to watch pirated movies online for free.

- tired of paying for high speed internet? have a laptop? mooch off your neighbor's wifi access if it isn't all locked up. or find a place that offers free wifi and use it. cancel your internet. is it really worth paying $40+ to sit on your ass in front of your computer all the time? they should be paying you!

no more nudity or fuck word

tax filing session went faster and better than expected friday.
altogether i only ended up owing around $300.
if you don't count the money i might get back from the irs,
then i owed around $500 mostly to the state.
which is at least half of what i expected to pay.
i just have to await a letter from the state telling me how much i owe in interest and penalties also.

now all i really have to worry about getting done financially before i move is getting a car tune-up.
i may even get my heat / a/c fixed since it didn't cost me as much on my taxes.

i also filed my fasfa this friday.
sadly, this is my first time ever filing out and submitting one.
i hope to get some good news back on that.
so maybe i can go to community college this summer in spokane.

unless work just becomes ultra unbearable over the next few weeks,
i will wait until my original date to quit work.
that will give me 2 full paychecks and pto (which will equal a full paycheck as well).
that's a bunch of friggan extra money that i could use to have extra stuff done to my car and save for furniture when i'm settled in.

i'd also really like to buy a camcorder before i move.
i would like to have video of some of my friends...
and i'd like to document my trip.
i wanna get a flip video.
i need to find out of they sell it in stores....
because i don't have time to waste waiting for it online.

i've had headaches everyday for the last week.
the first day, i thought it was because of my clenched jaw.
but apparently not.
i'm hoping it's just eboost withdrawal.
i ran out around a week and a half ago.
so i ordered more on friday night...
and hopefully i will get it in the mail within the week.

dexter's 3rd season premiers tomorrow night on cbs.
normally i would be excited about another season of dexter,
but it's on cbs now instead of showtime.
that means no more nudity or fuck word.
and probably a lot less graphic.
those were some of my only reasons for watching.
but you know i will watch it anyways....

i finished about as much as my frugalism blog as i care to right now.
if you wanna check it out, go here.

i also wanted to offer my deepest sympathy to adrian and his family right now.
i'm really sorry for your loss.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

we are all accidents

i finally got around to updating my resume on tuesday and applying online at albertsons in spokane.
i will wait a week and give them a call if they do not call me first.
i feel like i've waited until the last minute to apply...
what happens if they don't have a position for me at any of their stores??
i know that's not going to happen,
but it still worries me a little bit.

i am considering quitting my job sooner than the 25th of march.
why not? everyone knows now.
and the human resources lady basically said that they aren't worried about replacing me.
she didn't say that word for word,
but it's basically what she said.
i will be able to get my last paycheck and pto pay.
and i could still move at about the same time i had planned.
but i would probably head out a little sooner and give me more adventure time.
i guess it just depends on what happens between now and then.
if everything goes as planned, i could quit earlier..
but if there is a bump in the road,
i may wait until the 25th or later.

i plan on going to h&r block on friday to get some info about filing my back taxes over the past couple of years.
hopefully it won't cost me too awful much.

i finally got in touch with my sister on wednesday.
i had her come over and go through some of my belongs that she might want.
so i got rid of two arm fulls of crap that way.

we also went to lafortune park and the casino together.
so we got a lot of talking done.
i guess my parents are planning on moving soon....
because my mom is expecting my dad's annuity fund in the mail next month.
and of course, it all goes to her... because gee... us kids didn't go through hell or anything growing up with him.
originally she said she would pay for my brother to get bariatric surgery with that money...
i guess she decided my brother was not worth living???
who's the selfish one now, mom?

so anyways, my sister was in a car accident today.
she side-swiped another car and her car is fucked now.
it just made me realize how fast your luck can change on you.
she went from winning at the casino last night, to not having a drivable car with other problems also now.
i guess we are all accidents waiting to happen.
when will my next misfortune be?

so jennifer, michael and i went to a hindu temple tonight.
it was for jen's school field trip.
i could not understand half of what was being said...
and even when he spelled what he said, it didn't make sense.
and my ass and legs hurt from sitting on the floor for the better part of an hour.
it was just kind of boring.
new experience, but boring nonetheless.

Monday, February 11, 2008

backstabbing bitches and crackhead dykes

you see a lot of stupid shit when you spend so much time walking at one particular park.
why is it that 1/3 of the people that are also at this park are unisex?
you can not tell what gender they are!
and why is it when it's ONLY 30 degrees outside, this lady come jogging by me wearing ONLY a sports bra and leggings????
i thought that i was crazy for only wearing a couple of sweaters and thermal underwear.... but apparently i am pretty sane compared to her.

it's funny what your body does to you without even realizing it until it's too late.
i spend all day with a horrible headache.
no matter how many tyelnols i took, it would not go away.
i thought it was just because of all the idiots i have to work with...
having to confront backstabbing bitches and crackhead dykes.
but no,
i got home and was still pissy and angry and headachy.
i finally realized that i was clenching my teeth...
when i stopped, my headache seemed to subside.
and now it's gone since i loosened my mouth up and stopped being so tense.
i let a clenched jaw and people that don't even matter to me fuck up my day.
i had such a great record going too....oh well.

i am starting to weed through my belongings now.
i have a nice little collection of items i need to give away...
but don't want to give to goodwill or sell.
so.... i guess i will be getting ahold of some friends for this first round of give-a-ways.
i'll probably also be getting ahold of my sister ...
because i promised her some stuff awhile back.

i have been totally lazy about cleaning my house lately.
i was going to do a deep clean today...
but that has not happened due to headache and bitchiness.
so i hope to clean up more in the days to come as i prepare all my give-a-ways.
i can also sense a visit from my landlord soon for some odd reason.
it's been a year since he's been by.
so i should be prepared regardless.
plus i'll need to let him know my move date and all that good shit.

i have been composing a letter to my mom.
it's saved on my desktop so that i can edit it whenever i think of something important to write.
i hope to have it finished mid-march.
that is when i will get drunk and email it to her.
it will include my move date.
because as much as i would like to just disappear,
i think maybe she at least deserves to know i am really gone...
and maybe the chance to see me before i move.

she's gonna kill me....
my favorite candid picture of jennifer:


Saturday, February 9, 2008

bloated and sleepy

well, that cat's out of the bag at work.
just about everyone knows i will be leaving.
i trusted one too many people to keep their mouth's shut...
so i guess i will put in my official notice monday.
even though i will not be leaving until march 25th.
i can just see it now...
they know i am leaving,
so they demote me to grocery sacker or cashier for the remainder of my time there.

i got some resistance bands a few days ago.
i really like them.
i can use them while i am sitting down searching the web or watching tv or at work.
i am very glad i bought them.
maybe soon i will have more muscle and less flab in my arms.

one of the yummiest things i've made lately,
would have to be an apple and lemon smoothie.
blend 1 cup water, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 large apple w/ peel, and 1 lemon with half rind.
it's sooo sweet and tangy and veeeeeery filling.
it took me forever to finish drinking....

i guess i have not mentioned it on here,
but i have lost 20 pounds since mid january.
i'm pretty happy about that.
i was a little upset because i can't tell that i have lost weight until i look at my scale.
normally when i lose weight,
my pants are less snug.
but no... still fit the same.
but i noticed today as i was getting ready for work,
i am now able to wear a button-up shirt that i have owned for 4 or 5 years...
but had never really worn out in public...
because it was too snug in the arms and across the chest.
it fits great now!
i don't know why i'm losing weight on my upper body first...
but i guess i don't mind.

jennifer and i went to pei wei,

this is what we ate:


yes, that's lettuce.
i still can't believe that shit.
but it tasted yummy...
just kind of weird that they expect you to roll those things up yourself.
i guess it was a new experience for me.
now i'm bloated and sleepy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i voted

so tiger army will be playing at cain's ballroom tonight.
only 17 fucking dollars.
i wanna go so bad.
but i have to work the tomorrow at 5. :(

i voted for the first time today!
i'm pretty proud of myself for finally taking the step to act like an american.
....even though i really don't want to be one.
but maybe the new president will help me change my mind.

i think the crackheads might be moving out soon.
their landlord stopped by when i was getting home.
i told him i was sick of their fucking shit and i hope he kicks them out.
he didn't get an answer at he door.
and he didn't bother to stick around and wait for the crackheads to reappear.
they are like fucking roaches.
when the landlord or cops show up,
they scatter.
but in the dark,
they are all over the place.

i got drunk sunday night and almost emailed my mom...
to tell her how much i love her.
but that would be giving in.
i am still waiting for her apology.
but then again, i guess i will be waiting a life time for that, eh?
maybe next time i choose to drink, i will tell her.