Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the signal

as of today, the elevator in my apartment building is STILL NOT fixed!
first we were told the 23rd, then friday the 26th, then monday the 29th and now it's october 1st.... still not working. it's been broken for about 2 months now.
if it's not fixed by monday, i am going to request some sort of rental discount.
it's not fair that i live on the 5th floor and have to walk up that many flights of stairs several times a day.
if i knew the elevator would be broken for TWO damn months, i would have stayed on the first floor.

i have begun my 31 days of horror movies like i did last year.
i can't remember now how many films i watched, but i am hoping to surpass it this year.
so far i have seen the signal and stay alive.
i actually liked both movies surprisingly.
some guys from work recommended some foreign horror films i plan on checking out soon too.

i rearranged my living room furniture recently.
i'm still not sure if i like it or not.
but i do have room that i didn't have before for a chair and bookcase.
maybe some day soon i will purchase one or two of those items.

one of my co-workers is on vacation with week,
so i get full-time hours.
which will probably only amount to an extra $100 on my paycheck,
but it's more than what i had before i guess.
my boss also asked me if i wouldn't mind picking up more hours for the holidays.
of course i said i would. i hope that i do not regret it.
it's been a kind of slow work week, so we have been on the 6th floor unwrapping xmas tree ornaments.
i've come home 2 out of 3 days this week so far covered in glitter.
ah, the magic of macy's.

i am starting to wish that i worked in a bakery.
i've developed such a great desire lately to bake.
i enjoy baking things and seeing and tasting how they turn out.
i love making cookies now because i used to always mess them up and would never be able to bake them right.
but now, i almost always get them right.
i imagine that i have also put on 10 pounds due to my new found love for baking.
yay new cookie sheets and muffin pans!

i finished the book 'the remains of the day'.
the book received really good reviews online, but i have to disagree.
there was nothing special about this novel in my opinion.

mom still has not called.
i told her that she could call me over 20 days ago.
i guess even when i give her permission to talk to me,
she still doesn't want to.... even though she said that she did.
i wonder if she ever realizes how unloved that can make a person feel?

my new tommy hilfiger pillows make me feel loved though and i sleep slightly better at night now.
i just wish they made a steve-shaped pillow.
maybe someday.