Thursday, January 24, 2008

egg rolls!

so i took brandy in for her vet visit last friday.
the vet kind of aggravated me because she took my dog in the back to give her the shots.
they've never done this.
i happened to like this vet,
and hope she is being honest...
but how do i know i got the shots that i paid for??
then she says me dog has worms.
my dog has been on the heartworm pill and is an inside dog.
how on earth did my dog get worms?
i would have noticed worms...
because she had them when we got her.
i think they are lying to get more money out of me for unnecessary meds.
good thing this will be her last visit to that vet.

i got my tags renewed today.
they cost me more this year than last.
it's the same fucking car... it should have been less!
i'm just glad i was in and out of there in under 10 minutes.

i also got my AAA membership today.
it was easy and fast.
i got lots of travel books and a map for my move.
i was under the impression that you could really only save on hotels by having a AAA membership,
but turns out there are A LOT of retail outlets that give discounts to AAA members.
so i am glad i got that taken care of.

i'm just feeling all around accomplished lately.
i even sewed my 2 missing buttons back on my coat today while doing laundry.
the buttons had come undone about a year ago...

jennifer and i have been keeping up with our walking commitment for the most part.
i wish we could walk together more often because i hate my damn treadmill.
it is very boring.

i canceled my netflix membership.
i love love love netflix,
but i am trying to save money and i really don't need to be watching so many movies.
if i get bored i can watch one online or something.

i need to buy a new pre-paid cellphone with a spokane number.
i was going to do it tuesday,
but when i got to the checkout,
i realized i forgot my debit card at home.
it's probably for the best because it was a more expensive one that i didn't need...
and i was going to buy a $25 pedometer i did not really need either.

oh yeah, and i made homemade egg rolls!
they are a little bit healthier than normal egg rolls and they are good!!!!
so now i don't have to crave chinese food as much.

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