Thursday, January 3, 2008

delete hillary as a myspace friend

i finally got around to canceling my internet service.
i put it off for a few days because i hate calling companies.
and of course it was a 13 minute nightmare of arguing with a customer service rep about why i want to cancel.

if you send me a message online or whatever,
and i don't respond right away,
please remember the disconnection from the intranets...
as president bush would say.

with my new spare time i hope to start reading more again,
and maybe spend more time on the treadmill again.
but sadly, i will likely take up watching more television also while mooching wifi access in my living room.

idiocracy is a pretty funny movie.
pretty decent cast.
i got a few good laughs...
it's directed by mike judge who did office space and everyone's favorite cartoon idiots, beavis & butt-head.

the bucket list is a pretty good movie also.
it kind of makes you think about your own mortality,
and what you might do in their position.

i think everyone should check out this blog entry before you decide which presidential candidate you like the most.
i decided to delete hillary as a myspace friend. lol

also, as i mentioned before,
i signed up for a blogger account to use.
some of you have actually took the time to click the links provided,
and read my blogs there.
you guys are awesome.
the rest of you, well... apparently you have better things to do.

BUT, one reason i started using blogger was for the ads from google.
for every click on these ads, i get around .19 cents.
of course i won't see this money until i reach over 500 clicks.
so, normally i would not ask my friends to do this,
but i need as much extra money for my move and things i have to do before i move.
so if you could click a banner once or twice, and then simply close the website it directed you to,
that would be great.
i would do it myself,
but i would get into "trouble" for clicking on my own ads.
i'm not asking you to donate money to me.
i'm not asking you to buy anything.
i'm just asking for a half second of your time...
if you're reading this,
i've already wasted a good deal of your time anyhow.
so why not click one of the ads to the left of this blog??

does anyone know where i can find some healthy smoothie recipes?
or have any that you like?
i've been watching a little too much tv today and on montel williams,
there was mention of making fruit/veggie smoothies to get your daily servings in.
i wanna try this.

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njdindiana said...

ok, so there was only one ad and it was hurricane katrina, so i clicked on it about ten times on this trip, and it took me to two different sites. All my time is usually wasted time so I dont mind clicking a few times. lol