Sunday, January 6, 2008

i have a funeral playlist

i've mentioned it to a few people,
i have a funeral playlist on my itunes.
just incase.
is that weird?

i have spent more time on my treadmill the last couple of days than i have spent on it in the last couple of years.
i am trying to improve my energy level.
so far, it is working for the most part.
i get caught up watching a movie while walking and i forget that i am actually walking on the treadmill.
i hope that i am able to keep this up for the next few months.
no, i didn't have 'lose weight' as a new years resolution.
i don't make resolutions.
and i'm not doing it to lose weight,
although it is apparent that i should.
i am doing it to feel less lazy and get energy back in my life to do stuff again.

so, to go along with canceling my internet access,
i will be canceling my netflix at the end of the month.
it won't save me a bunch of money, but it'll save enough to make a little bit of a difference.
i will still be able to log on to my netflix account and make changes even if i cancel membership.
so i can continue to rate movies and receive recommendations.
and i can work on my queue down by watching movies other ways.

my electric bill was considerably less, thanks to the ice storm.
but my gas bill was considerably more.
so i guess it was a flush after all.
my electric bill is still negative due to my deposit.
so i didn't have to pay anyways.
the money i would have paid towards that bill is being transfered to savings.

so, after being able to mooch off of someone's wifi access for the last 3 days steadily, i was not able to do so this morning when i wanted to.
so i took the laptop to the tanning bed's parking lot, and no luck there either.
so like i've stated before,
please do not send me urgent messages online via email, myspace, instant messenger, etc because i won't get them right away.
but after running errands, i was able to get online by afternoon at home.

i went to the university of wash today for the first time.
not impressed.
too many people doing SEVERAL loads of laundry.
and there i am just needing to wash 2 loads.
it took me forever.
i ended up just washing the laundry and bringing the clothes home to air dry on the line outside.
i will either try a different laundry place or go back when it's less busy.

i got my haircut today.
i like it, but it's nothing awesome.
but it was better than expected for the price. :)


i also ended up going to target and buying a bunch of shit i don't need.
spent $70 there.
how on earth am i supposed to save money when i go out and splurge like that????
i did get a sweater/jacket that i will need.
and a thermal white shirt that i also need for work.
headphone i did not REALLY need.
i should not have opened them.
i should have taken them back.
damnit. bad, bad naomi.

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