Monday, June 30, 2008

i'm avoiding you....

i had a really great weekend.
i have an awesome boyfriend. :) x 100.
we did a little bit of geocaching on friday afternoon.
didn't find anything exciting, but i was surprised we found anything at all anyways.
we ended up finding a nice park near the area we were geocaching at, so we had a picnic at the park.
it was a nice afternoon.
we ended up spending about 3 days together in total.
i enjoyed nearly every minute of it.
he even remembered my favorite candies. :D

apparently frisbee is a big pass time here in spokane.
i almost feel like i should buy a frisbee to fit in.

so the 4th of july is coming up.
i never really was a fan of this holiday.
never liked the hot weather, and lighting off fireworks.
they are nice to watch, but i never really got into the lighting them part.
i haven't celebrated a 4th of july since i lived in indianapolis with chris.
since i live on the 5th floor, i should have a pretty good view of them this year if they are lit off downtown or whatever.
i might sit out on the fire escape that night.

it's not a very big deal, but i can now fit some cargo shorts that i have not worn in 5 years.
i kept them around in the hopes that some day i would wear them again.
i can fit into them, they are a bit tight, but i am surprised i can even button and zip them up because i couldn't last time i tried about a month ago.
i haven't lost a significant amount of weight since then, so i dunno how it's possible that i can fit them now... but i can. maybe i lost weight around my waist and gained weight elsewhere?
now if i could only fit back into my old man pants.
that's my next goal. but i'm certain i have at least 25 more pounds to drop before that happens.
i'd be almost satisfied with my weight at that point.

mom finally emailed back a month after i sent her my last email.
i guess she wasn't avoiding my emails...
she just doesn't have the wifi card much (my brother uses it more).
and she mentioned that every time she gets online she ends up crying.
i'm not sure exactly what she means by that.
but i was glad to hear back from her finally.

i hate the fact that i take up to 2 weeks sometimes to email people back.
i will dedicate today to replying back to all of my unanswered emails.
and i will also hopefully email a few people that i have been meaning to for a while now.
i don't know what the fuck is so hard about replying back to an email as soon as i read it, but i almost never do.
so if anyone is reading this and i have not communicated in awhile, don't feel like i'm avoiding you....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mental issues

i would like to set up another game night sometime between thursday night and monday night.
if anyone is interested, please get a hold of me and let me know what night will be best for you.
we can have it at my apartment or wherever!
i just also bought 3 nice games at a thrift store for really cheap. so i'm pretty happy about that.

value village had the cheapest board games (between .99 - 2.99 each) out of all the places i looked.
if anyone shops at value village and come across a cool game that doesn't look like it has missing pieces or isn't more than 2 decades old, please buy it for me and i will reimburse you! :)

well, it wasn't very difficult to get back into the habit of using my online food log intake at .
hopefully i will continue to use it for at least another 2 months until i feel comfortable making accurate decisions on my own again.

i wonder sometimes why people feel the need to post really vicious stuff about other people in their blogs in order to get you (the readers) to hate the person they are writing about.
sure, i've done it also from time to time i guess. but usually only random bits and pieces.
one of the last "friend" blogs i read was just so hateful and vile.
maybe i am just too unbiased, but i don't care what a person does in their spare time as long as it doesn't hurt someone else.
so why would i personally give two shits if someone did a lot of "immoral" things in their life recently.
will it make me change my opinion of the person? not really.
but obviously it worked for a few people.
i guess i just give up on caring anymore.

what i find to be even more retarded is that this same "friend" of mine still has her friend(s) talking about me for some odd reason.
it's getting to the point that her friends of friends are actually sending me messages on myspace asking me what the hell *I* did to make her so upset?
gosh, i had no idea minding my own damn business can get people so angry.
maybe she just has some mental issues she needs to work out..
i just wish she would spend the time working them out on someone else.

i'm trying to get a used a/c window unit on craigslist.
the three people i have contacted, have not called back.
it would be nice to have my apartment at least as cool as it is outside.
the temperature goes up about 10-15 degrees from floor one to five.
the fans really aren't helping much anymore unless you are sitting still directly in front of it.

i found gas in cda the cheapest i have seen it in 2 months.
the cheapest here it's like 3.95 ... mostly 4.05. i found it for 3.74 ! woohoo :P
i need to get my oil changed really soon. i have highly neglected it. :\
i added 2 quarts to it today to get me by for another week or so.

i'm pleased with the speed in which my tan is developing.
i guess once you have tanned for a long period of time before,
it's not difficult to get that tan back after a few months.
of course i am nowhere near as dark as i once was,
but the progress i am making is very promising. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

jo jos

vanna white has her own line of yarn now.
yes, it's true, i saw it with my own eyes one day while i was inventorying a fabric store.
you would think she'd have a line of cosmetics/hair/clothing/hangbags/cologne... anything but YARN!
does she secretly knit in between walks to the lit-up letters and on commercial breaks?

i have started riding my bicycle again.
i try to take it out in the mornings/evenings when it is cooler.
i love riding my bike, but it's more fun when you have someone else to ride with.
it reminds me so much of being a kid again.

so not too many people had tanning salon recommendations,
i did some research of my own online, and even if the closest salon i found online (4.25 miles from me) offered a 30 day membership for a firggan $1, i would still have to pay $52 just in gas driving back and forth from there for 30 days!
so after i came to that realization,
i opted to check out the tanning salon/laundromat in my neighborhood.
they offer 30 day packages without having to sign up for a year membership (like my last one).
i also get an additional week of tanning for free.
i signed up for the cheapest package...
the bed was the most flimsy bed (tropical rayz) i have ever been in.
i seriously thought i might fall through the plexiglass and fry on the bulbs (one website says it will hold up to 360 pounds... but i don't friggan see how)!
i went in for 20 minutes, and i actually burned...
the 20 minute beds i am used to do no such thing.
i think the next time i go back, i will see if i can upgrade my package to a different bed that is less dangerous.
i don't care if i have to pay more,
because i'm not paying between $52-120 in just gas to get to the salon.
i can walk there in a matter of 10 minutes. :)

not such a great picture, but you get the idea.
Photo 80

so my work schedule for july is looking bleak so far.
which is good and bad.
good because mickey might be here at the end of june/early july.
i'd like to be off work to see him.
bad because i kinda need income. :P
hopefully they will add some more to the schedule by next week.
i guess it's a really good thing i've gotten full-time hours this month,
to make up for july.

yay for online coupon codes for free makeup!
if anyone is interested in getting 50% off e.l.f. makeup, let me know.
or just visit ... that's where i normally go for the deals.

i finally watched be kind rewind.
i am thoroughly disappointed.
i had high hopes for the movie since it was directed by michel gondry (science of sleep / eternal sunshine of the spotless mind).
it had michel's view point for sure... which is great.
but i guess i am used to more obscure story lines for his films.
the story line for be kind rewind would have been better suited for maybe an adam sandler movie.
don't get me wrong, i also enjoyed the story line a lot (since he also wrote it)... but the story line just did not fit with the cinematography of the film.

does anyone that doesn't live in the northwest call potato wedges "jo jos"?
i've noticed at almost every deli i've been to in washington and idaho call them jo jos. WHY?!?
i seriously would like to know.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

another slap in the face

i pretty much got another slap in the face a few days ago.
but i think it's something i might have needed.
i needed to be knocked back down to reality.
if you live your life with your head in the clouds, nothing will be accomplished.

so i have been taking some time to myself.
trying to get back on track.
trying to get back to that mental stage i was at before i moved.
to be more goal driven, to do more intellectual things with my time, care more about my appearance and get back into a diet/exercise routine.
not for anyone else.

so i may not be online as often as i have been.
if you talk to me regularly online, and you do not see me log-in often,
i'm not avoiding you (maybe i am, who knows), i am most likely trying to do better things with my time.
i can be reached in other methods if you really want to talk/see me.

do any of my spokane friends go to tanning beds? or know of people who do?
can you make recommendations to me based on cleanliness, package prices, friendliness?
ideally, i'd like to have something close to home (browne's addition) or work (pines exit in the valley).
i have not been tanning in 3 or 4 months.
and i'm as pale as ever.
at least when i am tan i feel better about myself.

my emailed pay stub said it would be direct deposited again this time.
i compared my last pay stub and the current one, and the last one said direct deposit was set up, but it was sent to me.
this time, it says it will be direct deposited.
i'm not as worried this time if it doesn't deposit tomorrow morning,
because i won't be bouncing anything this time.
but it would still be really nice to have the damn thing direct deposited considering i signed up for it a month and a half ago.

i need eboost really bad.
and i think they know it.
they just sent me an email saying i could sign-up to get eboost sent to me automatically every month with free shipping.
and you know i'm heavily considering that offer, right?
i just wish i made as much money as i used to, to be able to afford it.

i dyed my hair two-toned a couple days ago kinda like i had it for a month last summer before i went brunette.
i'm not sure how much i like the new color. :\
the brown looks so dull against the blonde.
i may have chose the wrong color of brown.
i dunno..

Friday, June 13, 2008

"less than hilarious"

well, another person canceled their partylite show on me on the 12th.
i'm so fed-up with it i just emailed the team leaders and told them i wanted out.
i can't handle partylite right now.
i'm supposed to call some 1-800 number to find out what i need to do.
but i haven't had time to do that yet.

i was calculating my pay for this pay period and i'll actually be able to pay all of my rent plus some with the paycheck i get next week. :)
that's a great feeling for once.
joliene gave me 3 extra store to do this weekend/monday.
so even my next paycheck after the coming up one will be good too because i have 5 stores one week and 6 another.
and i know more than half of them will take over 8 hours to do with travel time included. :)
the one we did today i will get paid 11.5 hours for only around 8 hours of work.

as much as i like the easy money for road trips for work,
i hate the gossiping the team leaders do about other co-workers while on the road.
i've heard waaaaay too much of it.
it makes me wonder what is said about me when i am not around.
that's why i just stay quiet and do my job and don't really state my opinion on anything.
it's just ridiculous how bad it gets.
it seems like it's stuff that should not be talked about around other auditors.

i dropped off my application at tj maxx in the valley on the 5th.
i have not gotten a call back. :(
i'd rather much work a set schedule doing something i like to do and get paid more... than work for RGIS.

i had melissa, steve and jeff over for game night on friday the 6th.
we played uno and apples to apples.
i had so much fun. :)
i spent the rest of the night obsessing over that damn game apples to apples.
i'm pretty sure i will have to buy it.
i hope to have another game night this coming wednesday.
if anyone wants to join, get ahold of me. :)

this past wednesday (the 11th) steve and i made rice krispy treats and chocolate-covered gummi bears! :D
it was a nice sugar rush.
i don't think steve cared too much for the gummi bears though. :\
it would have been better if i had not used semi-sweet chocolate.
i will make them better next time. :)

i made a steve sock puppet. but it doesn't look very good.
i need to buy some yarn for the hair.
pipe cleaners don't work out all that well.
i want to start making retarded "less than hilarious" youtube videos of steve the sock puppet.
i thought about making a sheena the sock puppet.
but that would just be mean.

a little over two months living here and i have already formed and ruined friendships.
although, it honestly was not my fault.
people with bad tempers that jump to conclusions about other people don't deserve to have friends.
well, there are a lot of things they don't deserve to have...
i'm just glad i got this shit out of the way sooner than later.
i don't need that drama in my life.
my life had been drama-free (friendship-wise) for almost a year until i moved here.

speaking of drama, don't you wish there was a way to help someone that you care a lot about but there is no way to really help them?
staci broke into my sister's house last week and my sister was supposed to get a restraining order.
actually, she's been talking about getting one for several months.
but she still has not.
how can someone be so hopelessly devoted to someone that is fucking psycho?
she thinks she can change staci.... but no one can do that but staci.
if there is one person in the entire world that i can say i hate, it's staci.
all she does is talk shit, beat on my sister, get cracked out and cheat on my sis also.
why on earth would someone put up with that?! :(
it hurts so bad to watch someone you love making such bad decisions.
she needs to go on jerry springer and have the entire audience tell her what a dumbass she is being.

jeff took me by cliff drive sometime last week since i was asking about places in spokane i should take my friend mickey to if he comes by later this month.
i took steve by there on wednesday and took some pictures.
it gives a pretty nice view of downtown spokane.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

big toe war

work hours have picked up a bit.
in fact, i've been informed that the kmart i inventory tomorrow will take 15 hours.
normally i would be happy for 15 hours of work...
but in ONE day?! nooooo...
i got an email of my schedule for the week of june 23rd.
4 more stores... 1 more kmart. argh.
i don't mind this job most days... but sometimes it can be very frustrating.

went shopping with jeff this evening and he took me by tjmaxx at the valley mall.
i saw on craigslist they were hiring a receiver.
so i picked up an app and will try to return it either tomorrow or friday.
i don't want to work in the valley.
but if i get the job, it will be something to get me by until something better comes along. plus it pays better than RGIS.

still no word from the post office yet.
i was really hoping they would have had time to look over my application and call me by now.
i guess it's a good thing i'm not holding my breath on getting hired there.

being completely broke sucks ass.
it's a horrible feeling trying to ration out enough money to buy gas with for work each day and hope that you bought enough because you're coasting on empty.
i can't wait until payday.
maybe they will direct deposit my paycheck tomorrow instead of friday!

i might try to have another game night this friday night if anyone is interested.
melissa says she isn't busy and would like to have one.
this would be pretty awesome.
let me know if anyone wants to join us.

jeff mentioned he was going to his parents' house this weekend and invited me to go if i wanted since they have a spare bedroom.
he described the area and it sounds really pretty.
it would be nice to get away for a weekend.
i might seriously consider it.

steve and i have been spending time together again.
it's really nice. i missed it a lot.
hopefully maybe i will film a big toe war soon.
..if i'm not busy making him watch my lame favorite movies.