Tuesday, January 29, 2008

saying my goodbyes

i have set a move date finally.
my last day at work will be tuesday 3/25.
that's the end of our pay period.
i will hit the road early saturday morning 3/29.
that gives me a few days to finish getting my home cleared out
and getting utilities taken care of
and saying my goodbyes.

i was looking through my aaa tour book for washington,
and it looks like it might be a little bit cheaper than expected to stay for a week in a hotel when i arrive.
there are 3 that aaa has suggested with weekly rates and allow pets free of charge.
now, i just need to call these hotels to get exact quotes.
i should save at least 10% more with my aaa membership.

i posted an entry to a community blog in livejournal for spokane.
i asked a bunch of questions that i was curious about.
and so far,
i have gotten a lot of good answers...
one person even directed me to the spokane falls community college that offers a library technician program.
i didn't know community colleges offered that!

i got my albertsons w-2 in the mail.
so, now i am still waiting on directv.
if it does not get here by when i want to file,
i guess i will just pretend i did not work at dtv part-time for 4 or 5 months.
i don't have the money to file yet anyways.
i know i am gonna owe money...
so i need to get that thought out of my head that i might actually get money back.
but it is looking like i may not have to pay as much as i originally thought...
which is kind of like getting money back, right?

i finally got up the nerve to pawn me and my ex's wedding bands.
so i will put that towards my fund to get my car tune-up and/or paying taxes.
i could put it towards my gas bill,
but then i know i will end up blowing the money instead on something else.

i thought that this article was funny.
it goes into how sometimes dieting feels like you're having road rage.

jennifer and i got pedometers.
i know they are not completely accurate,
but i guess it's a step in the direction of knowing how much we walk.
we set them to the mile markers at la fortune park.
so they are pretty close.

tofu squares marinated in soy sauce are yumminess.

writing on my bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker has helped a lot or the last few weeks.
i write my morning to-do list on my mirror.
so i don't leave the house forgetting to do anything.
i think everyone should do this.

i'm almost out of e-boost.
only a couple packets left. :(


njdindiana said...

im gonna try the mirror thing it sounds pretty good.....my friend joe lives in washington he seems to like it. Good Luck!!

hamish said...

tell me more about EBOOST, what is it?

Anonymous said...

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