Thursday, July 24, 2008

corn bread!

my mom finally replied back to one of my emails after i threatened to never email again if she wasn't going to reply back.
in the message it said she thinks she is developing alzheimer's.
way to blame forgetting to email me on a disease you most likely don't have.
i don't think i will email her back anytime soon.
she never responds to any questions i ask... so why bother?

this summer has been the best summer i have had in a long time.
i haven't spent all of my time working me ass off (although i wish i had done a bit more),
and i've gotten to spend more time outside than i have in previous summers.
i have a great boyfriend (who thinks he's more awesome than me) that i make come on picnics with me.
and i've gotten to just go around a see more of spokane. :)

i finally got to see riverfront park last monday with steve.
it was really pretty and i liked it a lot...
even though i hit my head on a step because a damn goose jumped out of the water determined to attack me.
if you had not already noticed, i took a lot of pictures while we were there.
most of them are on my flickr account though.


i think next time i go, i want to go on the gondola sky rides that go over spokane falls.
hopefully next time i go, i will not be broke though.
mmm flavored ice cones.
steve bought us some while we were there.
i had not had one since i was like 5 or 6 years old.
i shoulda took a picture!

for some odd reason my rgis work schedule was mailed to me instead of emailed this week.
why is it that they have me on a full-time schedule for next week and the following week?
...but they couldn't give me jackshit this week when i really needed it?
too bad for them that i will have to call off on most of my work days with them if i get the fred meyers job.

it's been a week since my interview at fred meyers.
as my interviewer had suspected,
i did not get a call this week while she has been on vacation.
she told me if i didn't get a call by tuesday, then i should call her.
i really hope this job doesn't fall through!
i am already planning out my new emergency fund savings in my head.

as steve's mom suggested, i started reading marley & me on wednesday.
it a really simple and cute read.
does not require a whole lot of concentration or thought.
but i enjoyed it anyways because i could somewhat relate to the story.
what with being the owner of a chihuahua now and having been the owner of a pair of unruly german shepherd puppies "back in the day".
needless to say, i am 2/3rds finished this 300 page book in under two days.
this book is now a movie also.... staring owen wilson and jennifer aniston.
but it won't be out in theaters until december.

since someone so kindly left a plastic shopping bag full of corn meal sitting on a window ledge on the 5th floor of my apartment building,
i decided to take one of the five pound bags back to my apartment with me.
i have been looking up recipes like a crazy person....
anything that i can make with corn meal.... besides corn bread!
anyone want to share their favs with me??
i made hush puppies tonight. :D yum yum.
and maybe johnny cake tomorrow?
or maybe sioux indiana pudding?

Friday, July 18, 2008

today's blog was brought to you by the word: F*CK

i keep having dreams that i end up moving back to tulsa.
or i go back to visit tulsa, and decide i miss it there and end up moving back.
i can only imagine i keep having these dreams because it's something that i fear.
i makes me not want to go back and visit any time soon for fear of my dream going true.

i found out today that mary finally moved from tulsa to washington.
i'm not sure where, but i am assuming the seattle area.
i guess she finally did it.
pretty shocked about it actually since she never really followed through with much before.
when she heard i had moved to spokane, it must have given her courage to move as well.
"if she can do it, i can do it." type mentality.
i sent her a message today telling her i was happy for her and sorry for the way our friendship ended. i left it at that.

it seems like there are more unmarked police cars up here than normal police vehicles.
i thought it was weird that i never saw any when i first moved here.
but you learn quick that just about anything could be a police officer driving around.
you've got the dodge chargers to the suburbans to the mini vans.
i would like to see a school bus transformed into an unmarked police vehicle next.
i think that would be totally sneaky.
it's a good thing i have decided to drive the speed limit or under on the interstate now.
not only to save from getting pulled over, but to help with my gas mileage.
i need all the help i can get.

i am about $75 short of being able to pay my bills for the first of august according to my calculations.
that's a shitty feeling.
LUCKILY, it's only half way into the month and things can change for the better (hopefully not the worse).

fred meyers called me for an interview while i was at work yesterday.
i went in for an interview today and it went very, very well.
has anyone worked for them before?
what did you think of the company as a whole?
i will be working in the health and beauty department to start out and most likely transfer to a scan position once one of the fuckers leaves. :)
of course though, none of this will happen until the week after next because ms. hiring lady is going on vacation next week. grr.

i found out yesterday at work that my district supervisor for RGIS is the daughter and sister of two of the team leaders in kennewick.
favoritism much?
there are a lot of relatives working together at this damn company.
which is fine if one relative isn't a direct supervisor over the other.
which many of them are! it's not really fair and it's stupid that they allow it.
almost all other companies frown upon such behavior.
but RGIS seems to be a really backward place to work... which explains all of the crackheads that i work with that continue to get away with what they do.
can you tell that i'll be pleased to find a new job?

i really hate my local grocery store.
but i shop there because it's within walking distance.
all of the cashiers are old and grumpy.
there is not one cashier there under the age of 30.
today, one old lady cashier turned off her "i'm open sign" as soon as she saw me coming towards her check-out.
and as i make as face and head towards the other cashier she says "i'm open".
bullshit. i'd rather wait 10 minutes behind someone with a cart full of welfare food than go to her lane again.
of course, the cashier i opted to go to was not any better... as he's throwing my food at the sacker and the sacker puts all 9 of my medium-sized items into ONE plastic bag.
guess who had crushed eggs when she got home?
i'm so fed-up with that place.
i wonder if they actually have comment cards and i wonder if they take the comments to heart?
i will check online first i guess.

i wish the fat fucker that lives in my apartment building would fucking put a leash on his dog and put a fucking shirt on.
yes, that sentence had a lot of FUCK in it.
this bastard has two dogs that he only takes outside to let them shit.
one of them is a big black dog that i am SURE is over the weight limit for pets.
and the other is a chihuahua-mix that never has a leash on.
guess whos dog is always running after me and my dog?
his fucking mut.
i know the damn dog's name because he has to call after it so much.
i told him he needed to get a fucking leash today.
but he did not have a comment for me.
i have seen him way too many times outside with these dogs and the one without a leash.
if i see him one more time with the leash-less dog,
i'm emailing the apartment manager.
it's not going to be my fault if that stupid dog runs up to my dog unexpectedly and my dog bites the shit out of it.
there should also be some sort of fine for him going outside without a shirt on.
he's fucking gross. no one wants to see that.

i made snickerdoodle cookies this evening.
not as good as i remember them being as a child,
but they turned out well.
i must say that they are the best results i have had in awhile aside from my oatmeal applesauce cookies.
they took forever to actually mix since i don't have an electric mixer. :(
but it's not like i had anything else to do but spend some time hand mixing up flour crap.

i would suggest you never buy from elf cosmetics online.
if you're in the store and you buy them, fine.
online.... NO.
it took 3 weeks to get my shipment.
i was shorted 4 items.
i was charged for all of my items.
1 week later i was finally credited for my 4 missing items.
and half the items were items i went ahead and bought at target because i got tired of waiting for my order to come in the mail.
so now i have no use for them until i am finished with the other items.
their bronzer is horrible. it's just horrible. i can't even describe how HORRIBLE it is.
everything else i got was fine.

i also got my second shipment from ...
i loved this shipment even more than my first one from them.
everything i got was great. the sky blue concealer, not so much... but everything else wonderful.
hopefully next month i can afford to buy some full sized items.

i have almost used up all of my credits at ...
but before i do, please recommend some good books to me so i can place them on my wish list!
i like free books.
even better are good free books.
recommend now please.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

someone looking in my window

i am now the subscriber of around 40 podcasts.
it was only a few days ago that i subscribed to only 3.
i will never be bored again.

i got my free sample kit from in the mail recently.
it only cost shipping ($3.09 from texas to washington).
i received FIVE 1g sifter jars of foundations, concealer and blush.
i had watched several reviews on youtube about the company and their products.
almost everyone recommended them over all other mineral makeup companies.
the shipping was incredibly fast... it was packaged nicely... the samples are a very generous size... and they work very well!
i don't think i will ever go back to a liquid or pressed powder foundation again!
just check out their website and see what they have to offer.
i am actually in the process of ordering a second sample kit to see if any other foundations match my skin tone more closely.
this is probably one of the best things i have found in awhile!

Photo 84

i also got my hdmi/dvi cables in the mail and got my audio cables all hooked up to the macbook and tv.
i have been a couch potato ever since with my front row program and apple remote.
the picture from macbook to tv is fantastic.
even my edited home videos look pretty good. :)

why is it that the only neighbors in my building that want to be friendly are the ones with issues?
like this old drunk guy ran into me at the elevator and then tried to tell me how cute my dog was.
then he told me his name and wanted to know mine.
several hours prior to this encounter, i caught this same guy wandering the hallway in just his boxers with what looked to be a george foreman grill in his hands. why?!?

i found an empty pack of cigarettes on the fire escape right outside my bedroom window.
prior to finding the package, my bedroom window was open because it was warm in my bedroom.
i had also heard some loud movement on the other side of the wall.
i should have just stepped out into the hall to see who it was.
will i be leaving my bedroom window open anymore? NO.
this justifies to me that i am not just paranoid about someone looking in my window.
it also makes me question if someone has been in my apartment the one day i left the window open and then spent the night elsewhere.
because it is not difficult to remove a window screen.
so i think i will be sleeping on the couch for a little while until i feel somewhat safe sleeping in my own bedroom again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

steve works miracles like that

steve got us dinner from qdoba saturday night.
as we are sitting at his apartment in the dark watching ghostbusters,
i take a drink from my jones soda bottle.
i ask steve what it says under the cap of the soda.
he's straining his eyes to read it in the dark for me.
under the bottle cap, it reads: you just helped save a child's eyesight. thank you.
so thanks to steve straining his eyes to read the small print on the inside of the soda cap in the dark, a child's eyesight has been saved!
isn't it just amazing?
steve works miracles like that.

Photo 79

i got to meet steve's grandmother (his mom's mom) on the 4th.
she's such a sweet lady.
it's funny how old people are either really super sweet or complete irritable assholes.
we all played balderdash also... and that was a lot of fun. :)
of course i had to alter my answers a bit for steve's mom and grandma's sake,
but i also got to win the game. :)

we were going to go up to cliff drive to watch fireworks on the 4th,
but when we got up there, apparently everyone else had the same idea we had.
it was just too packed to be enjoyable.
so we came back to my apartment hoping to watch it from my 5th floor fire escape,
and we would have been able to if there were not a pair of tree blocking the view.
so we saw part of the fireworks and came back inside and watched movies instead.
it was a bit disappointing.. but at least i know for next time.

follow this link, and demand jim gaffigan to come to your town! (spokane, washington):

the more people we can get to demand him, the more likely his chances are of coming to town.
and you know that would make my month, right?

and since i really like michael ian black as well, here are a couple of my favorite sierra mist commercials featuring michael ian black and jim gaffigan:

my new work schedule has not improved any for this month.
so i guess i will have to seek alternative employment more actively.
i'm tired to complaining about my job anyways.
i think i would be satisfied with almost any job as long as i had set days off/set work hours and if it's less than 3 miles from home.
but it seems like that's even too much to ask for. :(

i bought on ebay the cables needed (dvi to mini-dvi & dvi to hdmi) to connect my laptop or imac to my tv.
i can not wait to get these cables in the mail!
i have been eyeing them on forever... but i can't afford to pay $20 for each cable.
so hopefully the ones i am buying on ebay are not crap.
i would be great to use my macbook's front row program on my tv screen.
i knew that little apple remote would be good for something finally.

brandy is so cute (most of the time).
she really loves to lick steve.
it's like there is some sort of odor that steve gives off that attracts brandy.
one morning, i caught her on the floor sleeping underneath a pair or steve's boxers.
we weren't sure if she had actually crawled under them and went to sleep,
or if steve had accidently thrown them on top of her and she just decided to stay beneath them.
but either way it was cute. i wanted to take a picture, but she would have followed me to get my camera.
but maybe she would have followed me with the boxers still attached to her body.
i found a shirt that steve accidently left at my apartment.
i set it on the couch for a moment, and brandy was already all up in that shirt sleeping.

Photo 63