Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i dropped a fork

the movie "the year of the dog" is crazy.
molly shannon kind of in a way reminds me of myself in this movie.
except maybe i'm not crazy.
but as soon as the right chihuahua comes up for adoption,
i will adopt it.

the movie "weirdsville" was kinda silly.
midgets in armor = awesomeness.

i have been making fruit/veggie smoothies everyday.
i am developing more of a taste for them now.
sometimes i add a little bit of a sugar-free pink lemonade drink mix to them.
carrots and lettuce never tasted so good.
plus it's helping me eat less.
i didn't really notice it until just now.
i don't care if it disgusts some of you.
it's healthy and may end up saving me a lot of money.

i dropped a fork on the floor in the kitchen and
when i bent down to pick it up,
it was gone.
nowhere to be found at all.
it's bothered me so bad,
i've spent an hour overall looking for it.
i know the dog didn't snatch it up before i looked down.
i looked under the fridge and stove and table and everything.

i think this website is interesting.
i wonder how accurate it really is?

i tried to use this once,
but i never got an answer back.
i wonder if i did something wrong?
it seems like a reeeeeeally good idea.
they are suppose to answer any question you have as knowledgeable as possible via text message.

for those of you with new year's resolutions ...
or just goals in general,
i still think you should check out
i've been a member since may,
and i've completed 90 things.
sure some are small, but some are big.
it has really helped me achieve what i want to.

i have started reading again.
i stopped for a quite some time.
i'm hoping to finish the book i started a long ass time ago by this weekend.
then maybe i can move on to a book i actually want to read.

i've decided that as soon as a female chihuahua become available for adoption via ,
i will adopt her.
brandy needs a playmate and i always wanted at least two chihuahuas.
i prefer a female because male animals tend to misbehave more from my own experience.
i was going to wait until after i move...
and i may end up still having to...
but i've noticed hardly any chihuahuas come up for adoption in spokane.
guess it's too cold to breed em up there?

thank you to anyone and everyone that has clicked the google ads to the left of my blog.
but unfortunately, for some odd reason, it isn't logging all the clicks.
in fact, it's only showing 3 whole clicks EVER.
so continue clicking if you can.
i really do appreciate it.

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