Friday, September 19, 2008

birthday poem

i haven't really had much to say.
or rather, the desire to type it up.

about a week and a half ago someone dressed in a helmet and cape was skipping around the gazebo in the middle of the park at 5am as i was walking my dog.
he was also playing an accordion.
he reminded me of darth vader,
but it was probably just someone who watched the dark knight one too many times.

work is still going well.
today was one of the guys (colin) on the sign team's birthday.
we sat in the break room and ate cupcakes and drank punch.
then one of the other guys (doug) that i work with made a birthday poem for colin.
it was kind of strange and amusing at the same time.
you learn something new and different about your co-workers everyday.

i watched the first episode of the new season of it's always sunny in philadelphia.
in my opinion, it picked right up right off where it felt in season 3.
i hope that the new season of dexter is just as good.

my mom was supposed to call me this weekend...
and of course, she didn't.
so now that it's the weekend again,
i wonder if she will remember to call?
it's been around 9 months since we have spoken.
it might be good to finally talk again... but maybe not.

last weekend steve and i went to uncle's (a game shop downtown).
steve bought a boardgame called quelf.
it's not intended for just 2 players, but we played it alone anyways.
it's was pretty hilarious and would have been even more fun with other people.
here is one video of steve playing quelf:

this was the most tame one.
i promised not to upload the belly dancing one. lol

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

froot loop clusters

i changed my cellphone's alarm ring tone from some crappy default one to the flaming lips "do you realize?".
now i wake up every morning moderately happy.

i had to get a new library card today because the one that i had was for the valley.
i guess she failed to mention to me that i could not use it in spokane. grrr.

my sister finally called me for the first time in a few months.
i guess she changed her phone number back to her old one and thats why i was unable to get ahold of her.

steve and i went to manito park last week.
of course it was my first time going... so i ended up taking over 200 photos throughout the day.
i wasted a good deal of time just taking pictures of turtles by the pond.
we also went to riverside park for a bit and went to different areas that i had never been to.

i'm currently reading the remains of the day by kazuo ishiguro.
its supposed to be a really good book... but i'm finding it difficult to get into on the 2nd chapter/section.
hopefully it something will peak my interest soon.

i made cookies out of froot loops on friday.
they turned out pretty decent.
not too sugary and not icky either.
so i made some froot loop clusters made with white chocolate as well...



my new job is still going well.
my boss asked me the one day last week,
"can you believe you've already been here 2 weeks?"
and i honestly couldn't.
time goes by really fast there. which is good.
i got some extra time on sunday to do socializing with one of the other signers,
and we talked about the lady i replaced and how the lady was a little crazy.
so now i understand why my boss is always mentioning how calm i am.
because the other lady was all over the place.
and apparently downtown macy's employees get discounted 16oz coffees from thomas hammer downtown on the weekends.
sweet.... even though i rarely drink coffee...
i just wish i would get my macy's employee discount card already!

my apartment building's elevator has been broken for nearly 3 weeks now.
i am TOTALLY sick of walking up and down FIVE flights of stairs several times a day.
you would think it would be habit for me now walking up that many stairs, but it isn't.
i am weak and out of breath by the time i reach the 5th floor (if i don't take a mini break half way through).
i wanted to start using the stairs more... but not like this.

i ended up purchasing more stuff online from 2 of my new favorite companies.
i ordered 15 magnetic spice containers (that i can attach to the side of my fridge for easy storage) and a few more spices from monterey bay spice company .
i also ordered another sample kit and a couple small concealers from everyday minerals.
i am also getting a cheap electric mixer from amazon.
i have kept putting off getting one because i always wanted one of the fancy kitchenaid ones.
but i know i will never be able to afford one.
anyways, no more spending for me for awhile.

Monday, September 1, 2008

go me

so i finally got around to opening a new bank account in washington with bank of america.
i had to switch bank accounts because washington and idaho are different than all of the rest of the states when it comes to banking with them.
so the lady opened up a total of 4 fucking accounts for me.
the reasoning for this? i'm not quite clear on.
but she said it would not cost me any special fees or anything.
so i now have a total of 3 checking accounts and 5 savings accounts.
and i don't have hardly any money. go me.

the macy's clearance on the 6th floor downtown had house slippers.
i have searched all over for house slippers but most places apparently do not carry them until fall.
so i got a really cute pair for 5 bucks. go me, again.

still liking my job. the people i work with still seem to be friendly.
i can see myself being broke from now on though because i think i want to buy everything on my sales floor.
martha stewart's macy's line is so cute.
i want to get her kitchen aid mixer and cutting boards and spice racks and everything!
i can see my employee discount might get abused a bit.
macy's also has their own reuseable shopping bags (like every store does now).
and they are pretty cute also.
so i bought two of them as well.
they are actually bigger and easier to use than my other bags i use for groceries.

steve and i went to "pig out in the park" this weekend at riverfront park.
i had a blast, but i don't think steve did because i made him go on rides with me that he was not exactly thrilled about.
we ate chinese food and elephant ears also.
i took around 130 photos and a few videos while we were there.
and we saw the dark knight at the imax.
it was my first time seeing a movie at an imax theater,
so that was a pretty awesome experience.



aaaaand i finally got to ride a gondola!
i thought it was pretty fun to see more of spokane falls.
steve and i got a gondola to ourselves.


i also finally made my own laundry detergent this weekend following this recipe:

i condensed mine down a bit to make it a more concentrated version.

brandy got a cute fleece sweater from the other day....
and she also got 3 halloween printed chew toys, which she loves to throw around the apartment and carry to bed with her.

i'm reading my 8th book this year.
my goal is to get 12 finished by the end of the year.
i figured that was a more attainable goal for me since i knew it was going to be a busy year.
and i was right.
has anyone read george orwell's animal farm?
did you like it?