Thursday, January 31, 2008


so john edwards dropped out of the run for presidency.
that's kind of sad because i would have most likely voted for him.
now i have to decide between a black guy and a white woman.

so the electricity went out again in my neighborhood for like an hour this morning.
panic started to set in after the electric did not come back on after about ten minutes.
i started to go into survival mode quickly.
i guess when you go through not having electricity for a week and a half right before xmas,
your mind just goes automatically back to what happened last time.
maybe like vietnam vets who have flashbacks when they hear a loud crash or something.

bernie and brittany severely crack my ass up.
they are my favorite members on the biggest loser season 5.
clip one
clip two
clip three
yes, i started watching it.
and every episode makes me cry.
but it helps that these two are hilarious.

wishbone spritzers has a new caesar flavor.
it's off the hook.
i wish they would introduce more flavors to their line.
i had stopped using the spritzers a while back because italian got old and i did not like the other 2 flavors.
now caesar is here to save the day!

i finally found a multi-vitamin that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach right after i take it.
it's a generic walgreen's one for energy.
so yay! for being able to take multi-vitamins again. :)

i was almost in a car accident when i was coming home from jennifer's.
i wish stupid fucking people would learn that you can't just slam on your breaks in this kind of weather.
i nearly rear-ended the lexus suv in front of me because her lexus-havin-ass thought it was cute to slam her brakes instead of paying attention to the road.
i seriously came inches from hitting her.
and then a police officer happened to be really close by too.
luckily i didn't get into any trouble because of her dumb ass.

so i SERIOUSLY need to clear out my closet.
i bought three more articles of clothing today.
when i should be getting rid of the clothes.

i also need to dye my hair today.
my hair just looks horrible.
i also need to get a flat iron.
and a better haircut.

my sister text messaged me today for the first time in month.
she only wanted to know if i had gotten my dtv w2 yet.
i didn't reply back.
if you can't even ask me how i'm doing first...
then i'm not going to answer your question.

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