Thursday, February 21, 2008

total lack of respect

first off, i want to congratulate jennifer on her new baby boy (and her gas).
he was born super early, so i have not gotten to see him.
thomas had video of him that i got to see though at the hospital.
he was so tiny and his face was covered up,
but i am sure he is beautiful like her other sons. :)

i've started going through my closet for clothes to get rid of.
i have these crazy ugly pant suits that never fit right.
they are either too small or way too big.
and even if they did fit,
the are just hideous.
so those are really going bye bye.
i have dresses that are nearly ten years old.
i just kept holding on to them...
hoping i would fit back into them.
and now i realize that even if i could fit them now,
they are so outdated and not fashionable at all.
i also got rid of my wedding dress finally.

hey, and i finally took down my christmas decorations.
but of course they immediately went into a box for goodwill.
i will really miss my nutcrackers...
but there is only so much i can take with me...
and well, nutcrackers are not THAT important.
i can find more later.

i bought a new pre-paid cellphone on sunday to get a spokane phone number before the move,
but the phone doesn't really work.
i think the battery is fucked.
it never ever showed the phone had charged.
and it will not turn on when it is not on the charger.
i am able to briefly call my other cellphone from it.
so i know that it's activated and working...
i think it's just the battery.
i'm pissed.
i wonder if i buy a new battery it will do the same thing?
and the damn bluetooth won't sync with my laptop either.
piece of shit.

work makes me so damn angry.
my co-workers show such a total lack of respect for me.
i don't know if it's because i am a female or because i am young.
maybe both.
it feels like they are saying,
"hey naomi, you don't mind if we take a steamy hot shit on you, do you?...
well, i guess it doesn't matter because we're gonna do it anyways!"
so, i am counting down my actual work days until i move.
it makes me happier seeing such a small number of days left.
this company that took over our albertsons store is just fucking rude in general anyways.
i should have known that i was in for some stupid shit from the first time i met the oompa loompa owner of the company.

i got my eboost in the mail yesterday, so maybe that will help ease my current crankiness.
it has already helped me with a hangover i had this morning.

i found a way to get back at the backstabbing bitch at work that felt the need to tell everyone i was leaving...
even though she was not supposed to tell anyone.
i have been sharing some information about her with a few select people that will gossip like crazy about it.
i guess the backstabbing bitch should not have gotten shit faced at a party last month and got gang-banged by 4 guys.
no wonder she shows little respect for her co-workers...
she doesn't even respect herself.

so fasfa came back and i'm not eligible for a pell grant...
and my efc is kind of high.
i guess my need is not great enough based on my annual income and how much it would cost me to be a full time student at a community college.
so i just have to wait for the schools to get ahold of me.
i am thinking now that maybe i will not have time for this right now.
i think i pretty much have my hands full with moving as it is.
maybe i should put it off until next year?
but then again,
i will probably say that next year as well.
i guess i will just see what happens.

well, the irs cashed my check for my federal taxes i owed in 2004,
and it hasn't even been a week since i filed and sent it in the regular mail.
i really thought the state tax checks would get cashed first.
but anyways, maybe that means that i will also soon be getting checks in the mail for the federal taxes owed to me from 2005 and 2006 soon.
that would be nice.

i also got my car tuned-up today.
i was going to wait until it was almost time for me to move,
but then i didn't want to take the risk of traveling that far,
and find out the mechanics did a shitty job and fucked something up.
so after having my car for about 2 1/2 years,
i also finally found out why the check engine light was always on.
it was some vacuum tube thing that was loose.
that was all.
i got my serpentine belt replaced.
it had lots of cracks in it and would not have lasted for my trip.
i also got my tires rotated for free at sears.
now all i need to have done is get the heat a/c looked at/fixed.
that i will actually have to wait a couple weeks to afford to be able to do.
but i was able to mark 3 things off of my moving to-do list just with one stop.

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Adrian said...

Man I'm glad I got out when I did. Fuck them man You bout to move on to something better than those karate kid line stealing muthafuckas(Step up to the plate brother)I need some eboost really badto shoot up in my arm. lol Peace out