Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i voted

so tiger army will be playing at cain's ballroom tonight.
only 17 fucking dollars.
i wanna go so bad.
but i have to work the tomorrow at 5. :(

i voted for the first time today!
i'm pretty proud of myself for finally taking the step to act like an american.
....even though i really don't want to be one.
but maybe the new president will help me change my mind.

i think the crackheads might be moving out soon.
their landlord stopped by when i was getting home.
i told him i was sick of their fucking shit and i hope he kicks them out.
he didn't get an answer at he door.
and he didn't bother to stick around and wait for the crackheads to reappear.
they are like fucking roaches.
when the landlord or cops show up,
they scatter.
but in the dark,
they are all over the place.

i got drunk sunday night and almost emailed my mom...
to tell her how much i love her.
but that would be giving in.
i am still waiting for her apology.
but then again, i guess i will be waiting a life time for that, eh?
maybe next time i choose to drink, i will tell her.

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Josh H. said...

i'm proud of you for voting! i hate elections too, largely because i don't consider myself a democrat or a republican. i'd probably be way too far to the left. in fact, i'm in a rut because my candidate (kucinich) dropped out.

hey, can you recommend any good books? i finished all the ones i had and now i need some new ones.