Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mysteriously died while changing a light bulb

i put a nice chunk of my dvd collection on friday evening.
all of them sold by yesterday.
happy and sad about it.
but i know i can buy them again later.
i am only keeping around 20 dvds.

i thoroughly cleaned out my car and trunk saturday.
i feel like i could fit everything in that trunk...
but i know it isn't true.
but it's a lot bigger now that i threw out an old flat tire.
i think that i will be able to haul everything that i anticipate taking with me in just the trunk.

i hate the irs.
i wish they would send out my rebate checks as quickly as they cash my payments to them.
luckily, washington state does not require you to pay or file state taxes.

i felt like a total loser on sunday.
i decided it would be a good idea at 10 am to finish off my bottle of gin.
and from there,
i proceeded to chow down on multiple bags of popcorn while drinking...
and playing sims...
and purposely killing off 2 sim characters after one of my new characters mysteriously died while changing a light bulb.

i went to officially cancel my tanning membership yesterday...
and the manager said i had to give a month notice.
what the hell?
my contract was up at the beginning of this month anyways.
i think it's bullshit.
but apparently it was stated on my contract and i did not see it.
so one more month to pay for tanning i do not even use anymore.
i guess i really should get back into the habit of going more now.
i hate wasting money.

speaking of a month's notice,
i have been writing a rough draft letter of notice to my landlord.
i need to get it in the mail by tomorrow.
i was talking to my sister yesterday about moving,
and she might be interested in moving into my house when i move out.
it would be a smooth transaction for all of us,
but i don't know if i want her living next to all of these crack heads like i have had to.

i called around to a few albertson stores in spokane.
none of them have anything available that i would really be interested in.
but i realize i may have to just settle...
just to get my foot in the door.
just to have job employment lined up.
until i can find something better when i get there.
i will probably call back tomorrow to the store closest to where i want to live and see what exactly i need to do to be hired back on with them.

oprah had a show today about freegans.
i love freegans.
i wish more people were not grossed out by what they do.
i wish i could be more freegan.
maybe i will try it after i move.
i just hate that so much stuff goes to waste.
i hate that the grocery store i work for throws out so much good food.
i wish i was allowed to take some home.

i'm struggling with some thoughts of mine.
since i will not be seeing my loved ones very often at all after i move,
i wonder if i should make peace with some people that i feel have done me wrong (a couple family members and an ex-friend).
or should i just forgive them in my own mind and heart?
i don't want any bad karma or anything for leaving on bad terms with some people....
but do they really deserve a verbal apology and a goodbye?
if it were them leaving me forever,
i think i would want an apology and goodbye.
i guess this is why i am perplexed about it

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