Thursday, February 14, 2008

we are all accidents

i finally got around to updating my resume on tuesday and applying online at albertsons in spokane.
i will wait a week and give them a call if they do not call me first.
i feel like i've waited until the last minute to apply...
what happens if they don't have a position for me at any of their stores??
i know that's not going to happen,
but it still worries me a little bit.

i am considering quitting my job sooner than the 25th of march.
why not? everyone knows now.
and the human resources lady basically said that they aren't worried about replacing me.
she didn't say that word for word,
but it's basically what she said.
i will be able to get my last paycheck and pto pay.
and i could still move at about the same time i had planned.
but i would probably head out a little sooner and give me more adventure time.
i guess it just depends on what happens between now and then.
if everything goes as planned, i could quit earlier..
but if there is a bump in the road,
i may wait until the 25th or later.

i plan on going to h&r block on friday to get some info about filing my back taxes over the past couple of years.
hopefully it won't cost me too awful much.

i finally got in touch with my sister on wednesday.
i had her come over and go through some of my belongs that she might want.
so i got rid of two arm fulls of crap that way.

we also went to lafortune park and the casino together.
so we got a lot of talking done.
i guess my parents are planning on moving soon....
because my mom is expecting my dad's annuity fund in the mail next month.
and of course, it all goes to her... because gee... us kids didn't go through hell or anything growing up with him.
originally she said she would pay for my brother to get bariatric surgery with that money...
i guess she decided my brother was not worth living???
who's the selfish one now, mom?

so anyways, my sister was in a car accident today.
she side-swiped another car and her car is fucked now.
it just made me realize how fast your luck can change on you.
she went from winning at the casino last night, to not having a drivable car with other problems also now.
i guess we are all accidents waiting to happen.
when will my next misfortune be?

so jennifer, michael and i went to a hindu temple tonight.
it was for jen's school field trip.
i could not understand half of what was being said...
and even when he spelled what he said, it didn't make sense.
and my ass and legs hurt from sitting on the floor for the better part of an hour.
it was just kind of boring.
new experience, but boring nonetheless.

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