Saturday, February 9, 2008

bloated and sleepy

well, that cat's out of the bag at work.
just about everyone knows i will be leaving.
i trusted one too many people to keep their mouth's shut...
so i guess i will put in my official notice monday.
even though i will not be leaving until march 25th.
i can just see it now...
they know i am leaving,
so they demote me to grocery sacker or cashier for the remainder of my time there.

i got some resistance bands a few days ago.
i really like them.
i can use them while i am sitting down searching the web or watching tv or at work.
i am very glad i bought them.
maybe soon i will have more muscle and less flab in my arms.

one of the yummiest things i've made lately,
would have to be an apple and lemon smoothie.
blend 1 cup water, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 large apple w/ peel, and 1 lemon with half rind.
it's sooo sweet and tangy and veeeeeery filling.
it took me forever to finish drinking....

i guess i have not mentioned it on here,
but i have lost 20 pounds since mid january.
i'm pretty happy about that.
i was a little upset because i can't tell that i have lost weight until i look at my scale.
normally when i lose weight,
my pants are less snug.
but no... still fit the same.
but i noticed today as i was getting ready for work,
i am now able to wear a button-up shirt that i have owned for 4 or 5 years...
but had never really worn out in public...
because it was too snug in the arms and across the chest.
it fits great now!
i don't know why i'm losing weight on my upper body first...
but i guess i don't mind.

jennifer and i went to pei wei,

this is what we ate:


yes, that's lettuce.
i still can't believe that shit.
but it tasted yummy...
just kind of weird that they expect you to roll those things up yourself.
i guess it was a new experience for me.
now i'm bloated and sleepy.

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