Monday, June 30, 2008

i'm avoiding you....

i had a really great weekend.
i have an awesome boyfriend. :) x 100.
we did a little bit of geocaching on friday afternoon.
didn't find anything exciting, but i was surprised we found anything at all anyways.
we ended up finding a nice park near the area we were geocaching at, so we had a picnic at the park.
it was a nice afternoon.
we ended up spending about 3 days together in total.
i enjoyed nearly every minute of it.
he even remembered my favorite candies. :D

apparently frisbee is a big pass time here in spokane.
i almost feel like i should buy a frisbee to fit in.

so the 4th of july is coming up.
i never really was a fan of this holiday.
never liked the hot weather, and lighting off fireworks.
they are nice to watch, but i never really got into the lighting them part.
i haven't celebrated a 4th of july since i lived in indianapolis with chris.
since i live on the 5th floor, i should have a pretty good view of them this year if they are lit off downtown or whatever.
i might sit out on the fire escape that night.

it's not a very big deal, but i can now fit some cargo shorts that i have not worn in 5 years.
i kept them around in the hopes that some day i would wear them again.
i can fit into them, they are a bit tight, but i am surprised i can even button and zip them up because i couldn't last time i tried about a month ago.
i haven't lost a significant amount of weight since then, so i dunno how it's possible that i can fit them now... but i can. maybe i lost weight around my waist and gained weight elsewhere?
now if i could only fit back into my old man pants.
that's my next goal. but i'm certain i have at least 25 more pounds to drop before that happens.
i'd be almost satisfied with my weight at that point.

mom finally emailed back a month after i sent her my last email.
i guess she wasn't avoiding my emails...
she just doesn't have the wifi card much (my brother uses it more).
and she mentioned that every time she gets online she ends up crying.
i'm not sure exactly what she means by that.
but i was glad to hear back from her finally.

i hate the fact that i take up to 2 weeks sometimes to email people back.
i will dedicate today to replying back to all of my unanswered emails.
and i will also hopefully email a few people that i have been meaning to for a while now.
i don't know what the fuck is so hard about replying back to an email as soon as i read it, but i almost never do.
so if anyone is reading this and i have not communicated in awhile, don't feel like i'm avoiding you....

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