Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mental issues

i would like to set up another game night sometime between thursday night and monday night.
if anyone is interested, please get a hold of me and let me know what night will be best for you.
we can have it at my apartment or wherever!
i just also bought 3 nice games at a thrift store for really cheap. so i'm pretty happy about that.

value village had the cheapest board games (between .99 - 2.99 each) out of all the places i looked.
if anyone shops at value village and come across a cool game that doesn't look like it has missing pieces or isn't more than 2 decades old, please buy it for me and i will reimburse you! :)

well, it wasn't very difficult to get back into the habit of using my online food log intake at .
hopefully i will continue to use it for at least another 2 months until i feel comfortable making accurate decisions on my own again.

i wonder sometimes why people feel the need to post really vicious stuff about other people in their blogs in order to get you (the readers) to hate the person they are writing about.
sure, i've done it also from time to time i guess. but usually only random bits and pieces.
one of the last "friend" blogs i read was just so hateful and vile.
maybe i am just too unbiased, but i don't care what a person does in their spare time as long as it doesn't hurt someone else.
so why would i personally give two shits if someone did a lot of "immoral" things in their life recently.
will it make me change my opinion of the person? not really.
but obviously it worked for a few people.
i guess i just give up on caring anymore.

what i find to be even more retarded is that this same "friend" of mine still has her friend(s) talking about me for some odd reason.
it's getting to the point that her friends of friends are actually sending me messages on myspace asking me what the hell *I* did to make her so upset?
gosh, i had no idea minding my own damn business can get people so angry.
maybe she just has some mental issues she needs to work out..
i just wish she would spend the time working them out on someone else.

i'm trying to get a used a/c window unit on craigslist.
the three people i have contacted, have not called back.
it would be nice to have my apartment at least as cool as it is outside.
the temperature goes up about 10-15 degrees from floor one to five.
the fans really aren't helping much anymore unless you are sitting still directly in front of it.

i found gas in cda the cheapest i have seen it in 2 months.
the cheapest here it's like 3.95 ... mostly 4.05. i found it for 3.74 ! woohoo :P
i need to get my oil changed really soon. i have highly neglected it. :\
i added 2 quarts to it today to get me by for another week or so.

i'm pleased with the speed in which my tan is developing.
i guess once you have tanned for a long period of time before,
it's not difficult to get that tan back after a few months.
of course i am nowhere near as dark as i once was,
but the progress i am making is very promising. :)

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