Wednesday, June 4, 2008

big toe war

work hours have picked up a bit.
in fact, i've been informed that the kmart i inventory tomorrow will take 15 hours.
normally i would be happy for 15 hours of work...
but in ONE day?! nooooo...
i got an email of my schedule for the week of june 23rd.
4 more stores... 1 more kmart. argh.
i don't mind this job most days... but sometimes it can be very frustrating.

went shopping with jeff this evening and he took me by tjmaxx at the valley mall.
i saw on craigslist they were hiring a receiver.
so i picked up an app and will try to return it either tomorrow or friday.
i don't want to work in the valley.
but if i get the job, it will be something to get me by until something better comes along. plus it pays better than RGIS.

still no word from the post office yet.
i was really hoping they would have had time to look over my application and call me by now.
i guess it's a good thing i'm not holding my breath on getting hired there.

being completely broke sucks ass.
it's a horrible feeling trying to ration out enough money to buy gas with for work each day and hope that you bought enough because you're coasting on empty.
i can't wait until payday.
maybe they will direct deposit my paycheck tomorrow instead of friday!

i might try to have another game night this friday night if anyone is interested.
melissa says she isn't busy and would like to have one.
this would be pretty awesome.
let me know if anyone wants to join us.

jeff mentioned he was going to his parents' house this weekend and invited me to go if i wanted since they have a spare bedroom.
he described the area and it sounds really pretty.
it would be nice to get away for a weekend.
i might seriously consider it.

steve and i have been spending time together again.
it's really nice. i missed it a lot.
hopefully maybe i will film a big toe war soon.
..if i'm not busy making him watch my lame favorite movies.

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