Friday, June 20, 2008

jo jos

vanna white has her own line of yarn now.
yes, it's true, i saw it with my own eyes one day while i was inventorying a fabric store.
you would think she'd have a line of cosmetics/hair/clothing/hangbags/cologne... anything but YARN!
does she secretly knit in between walks to the lit-up letters and on commercial breaks?

i have started riding my bicycle again.
i try to take it out in the mornings/evenings when it is cooler.
i love riding my bike, but it's more fun when you have someone else to ride with.
it reminds me so much of being a kid again.

so not too many people had tanning salon recommendations,
i did some research of my own online, and even if the closest salon i found online (4.25 miles from me) offered a 30 day membership for a firggan $1, i would still have to pay $52 just in gas driving back and forth from there for 30 days!
so after i came to that realization,
i opted to check out the tanning salon/laundromat in my neighborhood.
they offer 30 day packages without having to sign up for a year membership (like my last one).
i also get an additional week of tanning for free.
i signed up for the cheapest package...
the bed was the most flimsy bed (tropical rayz) i have ever been in.
i seriously thought i might fall through the plexiglass and fry on the bulbs (one website says it will hold up to 360 pounds... but i don't friggan see how)!
i went in for 20 minutes, and i actually burned...
the 20 minute beds i am used to do no such thing.
i think the next time i go back, i will see if i can upgrade my package to a different bed that is less dangerous.
i don't care if i have to pay more,
because i'm not paying between $52-120 in just gas to get to the salon.
i can walk there in a matter of 10 minutes. :)

not such a great picture, but you get the idea.
Photo 80

so my work schedule for july is looking bleak so far.
which is good and bad.
good because mickey might be here at the end of june/early july.
i'd like to be off work to see him.
bad because i kinda need income. :P
hopefully they will add some more to the schedule by next week.
i guess it's a really good thing i've gotten full-time hours this month,
to make up for july.

yay for online coupon codes for free makeup!
if anyone is interested in getting 50% off e.l.f. makeup, let me know.
or just visit ... that's where i normally go for the deals.

i finally watched be kind rewind.
i am thoroughly disappointed.
i had high hopes for the movie since it was directed by michel gondry (science of sleep / eternal sunshine of the spotless mind).
it had michel's view point for sure... which is great.
but i guess i am used to more obscure story lines for his films.
the story line for be kind rewind would have been better suited for maybe an adam sandler movie.
don't get me wrong, i also enjoyed the story line a lot (since he also wrote it)... but the story line just did not fit with the cinematography of the film.

does anyone that doesn't live in the northwest call potato wedges "jo jos"?
i've noticed at almost every deli i've been to in washington and idaho call them jo jos. WHY?!?
i seriously would like to know.

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