Thursday, June 19, 2008

another slap in the face

i pretty much got another slap in the face a few days ago.
but i think it's something i might have needed.
i needed to be knocked back down to reality.
if you live your life with your head in the clouds, nothing will be accomplished.

so i have been taking some time to myself.
trying to get back on track.
trying to get back to that mental stage i was at before i moved.
to be more goal driven, to do more intellectual things with my time, care more about my appearance and get back into a diet/exercise routine.
not for anyone else.

so i may not be online as often as i have been.
if you talk to me regularly online, and you do not see me log-in often,
i'm not avoiding you (maybe i am, who knows), i am most likely trying to do better things with my time.
i can be reached in other methods if you really want to talk/see me.

do any of my spokane friends go to tanning beds? or know of people who do?
can you make recommendations to me based on cleanliness, package prices, friendliness?
ideally, i'd like to have something close to home (browne's addition) or work (pines exit in the valley).
i have not been tanning in 3 or 4 months.
and i'm as pale as ever.
at least when i am tan i feel better about myself.

my emailed pay stub said it would be direct deposited again this time.
i compared my last pay stub and the current one, and the last one said direct deposit was set up, but it was sent to me.
this time, it says it will be direct deposited.
i'm not as worried this time if it doesn't deposit tomorrow morning,
because i won't be bouncing anything this time.
but it would still be really nice to have the damn thing direct deposited considering i signed up for it a month and a half ago.

i need eboost really bad.
and i think they know it.
they just sent me an email saying i could sign-up to get eboost sent to me automatically every month with free shipping.
and you know i'm heavily considering that offer, right?
i just wish i made as much money as i used to, to be able to afford it.

i dyed my hair two-toned a couple days ago kinda like i had it for a month last summer before i went brunette.
i'm not sure how much i like the new color. :\
the brown looks so dull against the blonde.
i may have chose the wrong color of brown.
i dunno..

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