Friday, June 13, 2008

"less than hilarious"

well, another person canceled their partylite show on me on the 12th.
i'm so fed-up with it i just emailed the team leaders and told them i wanted out.
i can't handle partylite right now.
i'm supposed to call some 1-800 number to find out what i need to do.
but i haven't had time to do that yet.

i was calculating my pay for this pay period and i'll actually be able to pay all of my rent plus some with the paycheck i get next week. :)
that's a great feeling for once.
joliene gave me 3 extra store to do this weekend/monday.
so even my next paycheck after the coming up one will be good too because i have 5 stores one week and 6 another.
and i know more than half of them will take over 8 hours to do with travel time included. :)
the one we did today i will get paid 11.5 hours for only around 8 hours of work.

as much as i like the easy money for road trips for work,
i hate the gossiping the team leaders do about other co-workers while on the road.
i've heard waaaaay too much of it.
it makes me wonder what is said about me when i am not around.
that's why i just stay quiet and do my job and don't really state my opinion on anything.
it's just ridiculous how bad it gets.
it seems like it's stuff that should not be talked about around other auditors.

i dropped off my application at tj maxx in the valley on the 5th.
i have not gotten a call back. :(
i'd rather much work a set schedule doing something i like to do and get paid more... than work for RGIS.

i had melissa, steve and jeff over for game night on friday the 6th.
we played uno and apples to apples.
i had so much fun. :)
i spent the rest of the night obsessing over that damn game apples to apples.
i'm pretty sure i will have to buy it.
i hope to have another game night this coming wednesday.
if anyone wants to join, get ahold of me. :)

this past wednesday (the 11th) steve and i made rice krispy treats and chocolate-covered gummi bears! :D
it was a nice sugar rush.
i don't think steve cared too much for the gummi bears though. :\
it would have been better if i had not used semi-sweet chocolate.
i will make them better next time. :)

i made a steve sock puppet. but it doesn't look very good.
i need to buy some yarn for the hair.
pipe cleaners don't work out all that well.
i want to start making retarded "less than hilarious" youtube videos of steve the sock puppet.
i thought about making a sheena the sock puppet.
but that would just be mean.

a little over two months living here and i have already formed and ruined friendships.
although, it honestly was not my fault.
people with bad tempers that jump to conclusions about other people don't deserve to have friends.
well, there are a lot of things they don't deserve to have...
i'm just glad i got this shit out of the way sooner than later.
i don't need that drama in my life.
my life had been drama-free (friendship-wise) for almost a year until i moved here.

speaking of drama, don't you wish there was a way to help someone that you care a lot about but there is no way to really help them?
staci broke into my sister's house last week and my sister was supposed to get a restraining order.
actually, she's been talking about getting one for several months.
but she still has not.
how can someone be so hopelessly devoted to someone that is fucking psycho?
she thinks she can change staci.... but no one can do that but staci.
if there is one person in the entire world that i can say i hate, it's staci.
all she does is talk shit, beat on my sister, get cracked out and cheat on my sis also.
why on earth would someone put up with that?! :(
it hurts so bad to watch someone you love making such bad decisions.
she needs to go on jerry springer and have the entire audience tell her what a dumbass she is being.

jeff took me by cliff drive sometime last week since i was asking about places in spokane i should take my friend mickey to if he comes by later this month.
i took steve by there on wednesday and took some pictures.
it gives a pretty nice view of downtown spokane.


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