Wednesday, July 9, 2008

someone looking in my window

i am now the subscriber of around 40 podcasts.
it was only a few days ago that i subscribed to only 3.
i will never be bored again.

i got my free sample kit from in the mail recently.
it only cost shipping ($3.09 from texas to washington).
i received FIVE 1g sifter jars of foundations, concealer and blush.
i had watched several reviews on youtube about the company and their products.
almost everyone recommended them over all other mineral makeup companies.
the shipping was incredibly fast... it was packaged nicely... the samples are a very generous size... and they work very well!
i don't think i will ever go back to a liquid or pressed powder foundation again!
just check out their website and see what they have to offer.
i am actually in the process of ordering a second sample kit to see if any other foundations match my skin tone more closely.
this is probably one of the best things i have found in awhile!

Photo 84

i also got my hdmi/dvi cables in the mail and got my audio cables all hooked up to the macbook and tv.
i have been a couch potato ever since with my front row program and apple remote.
the picture from macbook to tv is fantastic.
even my edited home videos look pretty good. :)

why is it that the only neighbors in my building that want to be friendly are the ones with issues?
like this old drunk guy ran into me at the elevator and then tried to tell me how cute my dog was.
then he told me his name and wanted to know mine.
several hours prior to this encounter, i caught this same guy wandering the hallway in just his boxers with what looked to be a george foreman grill in his hands. why?!?

i found an empty pack of cigarettes on the fire escape right outside my bedroom window.
prior to finding the package, my bedroom window was open because it was warm in my bedroom.
i had also heard some loud movement on the other side of the wall.
i should have just stepped out into the hall to see who it was.
will i be leaving my bedroom window open anymore? NO.
this justifies to me that i am not just paranoid about someone looking in my window.
it also makes me question if someone has been in my apartment the one day i left the window open and then spent the night elsewhere.
because it is not difficult to remove a window screen.
so i think i will be sleeping on the couch for a little while until i feel somewhat safe sleeping in my own bedroom again.

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