Thursday, July 24, 2008

corn bread!

my mom finally replied back to one of my emails after i threatened to never email again if she wasn't going to reply back.
in the message it said she thinks she is developing alzheimer's.
way to blame forgetting to email me on a disease you most likely don't have.
i don't think i will email her back anytime soon.
she never responds to any questions i ask... so why bother?

this summer has been the best summer i have had in a long time.
i haven't spent all of my time working me ass off (although i wish i had done a bit more),
and i've gotten to spend more time outside than i have in previous summers.
i have a great boyfriend (who thinks he's more awesome than me) that i make come on picnics with me.
and i've gotten to just go around a see more of spokane. :)

i finally got to see riverfront park last monday with steve.
it was really pretty and i liked it a lot...
even though i hit my head on a step because a damn goose jumped out of the water determined to attack me.
if you had not already noticed, i took a lot of pictures while we were there.
most of them are on my flickr account though.


i think next time i go, i want to go on the gondola sky rides that go over spokane falls.
hopefully next time i go, i will not be broke though.
mmm flavored ice cones.
steve bought us some while we were there.
i had not had one since i was like 5 or 6 years old.
i shoulda took a picture!

for some odd reason my rgis work schedule was mailed to me instead of emailed this week.
why is it that they have me on a full-time schedule for next week and the following week?
...but they couldn't give me jackshit this week when i really needed it?
too bad for them that i will have to call off on most of my work days with them if i get the fred meyers job.

it's been a week since my interview at fred meyers.
as my interviewer had suspected,
i did not get a call this week while she has been on vacation.
she told me if i didn't get a call by tuesday, then i should call her.
i really hope this job doesn't fall through!
i am already planning out my new emergency fund savings in my head.

as steve's mom suggested, i started reading marley & me on wednesday.
it a really simple and cute read.
does not require a whole lot of concentration or thought.
but i enjoyed it anyways because i could somewhat relate to the story.
what with being the owner of a chihuahua now and having been the owner of a pair of unruly german shepherd puppies "back in the day".
needless to say, i am 2/3rds finished this 300 page book in under two days.
this book is now a movie also.... staring owen wilson and jennifer aniston.
but it won't be out in theaters until december.

since someone so kindly left a plastic shopping bag full of corn meal sitting on a window ledge on the 5th floor of my apartment building,
i decided to take one of the five pound bags back to my apartment with me.
i have been looking up recipes like a crazy person....
anything that i can make with corn meal.... besides corn bread!
anyone want to share their favs with me??
i made hush puppies tonight. :D yum yum.
and maybe johnny cake tomorrow?
or maybe sioux indiana pudding?

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