Monday, July 7, 2008

steve works miracles like that

steve got us dinner from qdoba saturday night.
as we are sitting at his apartment in the dark watching ghostbusters,
i take a drink from my jones soda bottle.
i ask steve what it says under the cap of the soda.
he's straining his eyes to read it in the dark for me.
under the bottle cap, it reads: you just helped save a child's eyesight. thank you.
so thanks to steve straining his eyes to read the small print on the inside of the soda cap in the dark, a child's eyesight has been saved!
isn't it just amazing?
steve works miracles like that.

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i got to meet steve's grandmother (his mom's mom) on the 4th.
she's such a sweet lady.
it's funny how old people are either really super sweet or complete irritable assholes.
we all played balderdash also... and that was a lot of fun. :)
of course i had to alter my answers a bit for steve's mom and grandma's sake,
but i also got to win the game. :)

we were going to go up to cliff drive to watch fireworks on the 4th,
but when we got up there, apparently everyone else had the same idea we had.
it was just too packed to be enjoyable.
so we came back to my apartment hoping to watch it from my 5th floor fire escape,
and we would have been able to if there were not a pair of tree blocking the view.
so we saw part of the fireworks and came back inside and watched movies instead.
it was a bit disappointing.. but at least i know for next time.

follow this link, and demand jim gaffigan to come to your town! (spokane, washington):

the more people we can get to demand him, the more likely his chances are of coming to town.
and you know that would make my month, right?

and since i really like michael ian black as well, here are a couple of my favorite sierra mist commercials featuring michael ian black and jim gaffigan:

my new work schedule has not improved any for this month.
so i guess i will have to seek alternative employment more actively.
i'm tired to complaining about my job anyways.
i think i would be satisfied with almost any job as long as i had set days off/set work hours and if it's less than 3 miles from home.
but it seems like that's even too much to ask for. :(

i bought on ebay the cables needed (dvi to mini-dvi & dvi to hdmi) to connect my laptop or imac to my tv.
i can not wait to get these cables in the mail!
i have been eyeing them on forever... but i can't afford to pay $20 for each cable.
so hopefully the ones i am buying on ebay are not crap.
i would be great to use my macbook's front row program on my tv screen.
i knew that little apple remote would be good for something finally.

brandy is so cute (most of the time).
she really loves to lick steve.
it's like there is some sort of odor that steve gives off that attracts brandy.
one morning, i caught her on the floor sleeping underneath a pair or steve's boxers.
we weren't sure if she had actually crawled under them and went to sleep,
or if steve had accidently thrown them on top of her and she just decided to stay beneath them.
but either way it was cute. i wanted to take a picture, but she would have followed me to get my camera.
but maybe she would have followed me with the boxers still attached to her body.
i found a shirt that steve accidently left at my apartment.
i set it on the couch for a moment, and brandy was already all up in that shirt sleeping.

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