Thursday, May 21, 2009

i may someday end up on the show myself

it's sad that sometimes people go such a long time without blogging, only to pop up to blog only about the negative things happening in their life. that's like saying, "friend, i'm going to ignore your ass for 3 months until i break my leg and need your sympathy and help getting around." (end rant)

i haven't blog simply because i have been busy and can't think of anything out of the ordinary to write about.

i have decided to put off going to school for yet another year. not only because i am too unmotivated to get around to filling out all necessary paperwork, but also it would potentially interfere with a project i am currently working on. i call it the new chapter in my life. i would prefer not to write about it until i feel closer to being done, but i think it's going to turn out great.

steve and i are still in a great relationship. we are still learning new stuff about each other every day. and still learning how to tolerate one another in unique ways. we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being together about 2 weeks ago.

in late august we are planning a road trip back to oklahoma. ideally (i've requested it already), we'd like to leave out after i get off work on wednesday the 26th and be back the following tuesday. we would fly down and save a little money and have more time to spend with the family, but that would require me to leave my doggies behind. i think we would enjoy a roadtrip together anyways.

it feels like my responsibilities at work continue to grow and grow with each week that goes by. i try to take it with stride and just delegate my tasks unto other people. lol isn't that true management? i finally received my evaluation and pay increase earlier this month. so i am satisfied with my job for the time being.

i am currently extremely addicted to the tlc show what not to wear. i curse the day steve brought cable into my home. since i am so addicted to this show now, i am even more addicted to buying nice clothes, shoes and handbags. i guess that i am afraid that i may someday end up on the show myself.

for memorial day weekend, steve and i are joining his mommy for an afternoon of bicycle riding around medical lake. it sounds like it a good time to be had, but something tells me that i'm going to regret this "leisurely" bike ride. i was determined for one whole week to wake up at 4am and take the bike out for a ride in the morning before work. but that idea got old quick. so i am in no shape whatsoever for a long ride. lucky me.

we installed our window a/c unit last week. after getting home all sweating one day after being downtown for all of maybe an hour, we decided the quickest way to get comfortable was to just sit in front of the a/c on full blast. i didn't even own this unit until august last year. i was miserable until august. it was cooler outside at ground level than it was inside my apartment on the 5th floor. we made sure to not have another summer like that.

well, i have a lot more that i could write about, but i should wrap this up now. thank you for reading. i apologize for not keeping regular updates. i forget that sometimes people care and wonder how i am doing. follow me on twitter for more current updates.

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