Wednesday, April 1, 2009

tweet like a baby chick for jesus

i have been pretty unmotivated lately.
especially when it comes to writing in my blogs.

i've been working full time again. and this time it's permanent.
i spent the last two weeks training a new member of my sign team.
only to find out 2 days ago that i am training her to take over my own floor.
i am the sign team leader, so i am supposedly not supposed to have a set floor to sign.
so i will just be running around helping other people. not cool.
we'll see how long this lasts.
i like the new girl, but i don't think she can handle what she's in for.

as most of you may already know, steve and i adopted another chihuahua last week.
she's the same age as brandy, but about half her size.
it took her about a day to warm up to us, but she loves me now.
she still doesn't know what to think of steve though.
she growls at steve when he kisses me. it's pretty funny.
she's an adorable sweet little girl. and she's smarter than what she leads you to believe at first.


jim gaffigan's king baby show/dvd was actually more hilarious than i thought it was going to be.
i thought that there was no way he could out do beyond the pale.
but i think he did.

speaking of babies...
for those of you who asked or just wondered, i'm not pregnant.
it was a poor attempt at an april fool's day joke. :P
instead of a baby, we get more snow.

i am also addicted to twitter now.
i didn't think it possible.... but apparently, it is.
i like to read jim gaffigan's retarded tweets from heaven... or wherever.
i think everyone should tweet.
easter is around the corner.
tweet like a baby chick for jesus..... or me.

steve and i need haircuts really bad.
the homeless people downtown keep mistaking us for one of them.
okay, not really. but it's kinda bad.
this all goes back to being unmotivated.
unmotivated to go sit in a chair while someone else cuts my hair for me..
maybe, i'm just plain lazy. isn't that a step above unmotivated?

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Anonymous said...

There is a beauty college in Hillyard that has cuts for $1 Mon-Fri.