Thursday, February 19, 2009

it may not be as 'romantic'

so, it's been a couple months since i have written a blog.
i'd like to be able to say that i've been super busy, but that's not the case.

work has been going well still.
i got cut back to part-time hours for awhile.
which was a nice break from the holiday horror of macys.
but now that spring is approaching, my boss has more hours to not only give me full time hours, but to also hire a extra signer to help us all.
however, i am taking it with a grain of salt because i never know if i will be part of the next 7,000 people laid off from macys.

i got rid of my car recently.
this was a real struggle for me to make a decision on.
but in the end, i only used it to go to the grocery store.
and it would have cost me more money than what it's worth to fix everything that needed to be done.
so far, being car-less is no different than what my life was like before... except walking back and forth to the local grocery store all of the time is a hassle.
hopefully i will get over that.

i had the best valentines day ever this year.
none of my past boyfriends have ever given me flowers before.
the only other person who has was some random gay guy.
i guess i could have told my past boyfriends that i wanted flowers, but i felt like maybe they should have already known that.
it may not be as 'romantic', but you really should tell him what you want.
you can't blame your failing relationship on him if you aren't telling him what the hell you want.
i guess that's what has changed with this relationship for me.
no more of "i'm angry at him because he should have read my mind".
and this has been the best relationship by far.
there are a lot of things about our relationship that are unconventional and probably even frowned upon by friends and family if they only knew.
but it has worked for us and we have a great time spending time together.
anyways, we didn't have a super romantic vday... but it was fun anyways.
i got a shitload of fried ice cream at cyrus o'leary's and enchiladas out of it, so i can't complain.
oh, and of course i received cunnilingus so good i cried.
but i guess i should not have brought that part up, eh?

my birthday falls on friday the 13th this year.
okay, i guess that doesn't really mean anything.
but steve has told me that if he didn't get me another puppy for xmas, he would for my bday.
i hope that he is able to find a really cute little girl chihuahua for me.
i would prefer to adopt a shelter one, but those are always snatched up asap by those other greedy chihuahua lovers.

steve will be moving in this weekend.
and if not this weekend, than by the end of the month for sure.
i'm excited about it.
but sometimes i realize he is gonna be here 24/7.
and that is overwhelming sometimes.
my privacy will be gone.
but just about everything i do that i would be ashamed of, i do in front of him anyways.
i haven't lived with someone since the ex-husband (5 years ago).
so this will be fun.
but i think overall, it will be good for the both of us.

since i have been preparing for steve to move in, i got a big cart for the kitchen to put small appliances and extra pantry items on.
that helped clear out a lot of space in my closet and in the kitchen cabinets.
i also got some arm chairs for the living room.
guess who can have guests over now without having to drag in chairs from the kitchen?


i haven't had any barenjager in about a year.
i have been craving it a lot lately. a lady at work keeps bees and so she brought in bottles of honey for us all. and i am reading the secret life of bees. mmmm... honey flavored liquor.

i got a about 5 more new spices.... i really like my spice collection.
it works out really well.
yes, they are sorted in alphabetical order!


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