Tuesday, December 30, 2008

time to stop being negative

i really wish the snow would just stop already.
i'm sick of not being able to get around town without having to jump into big piles of snow
or walk in HEAVY traffic because snow removal trucks have plowed-in the sidewalks.
*end rant*

*new rant*
i'm scheduled full time hours at work next week.
i like the pay, but hate working past noon.
also means that i have to pack a lunch for 4 days out of the week.
which means one more bag to carry with me as i'm leaping over snow mountains.
*end new rant*

strangely enough, my body isn't sore anymore from all the extra effort of walking in mounds of snow.
and i'm on the tightest notch on my belt now...
so maybe steve's mom's scale was right after all?
maybe the 20 pounds i've gained back since may, i've almost lost again?

new years eve?
i wanted to go to first night downtown, but i don't have money to spend for it.
so hopefully steve will be able to make it over and i can make dinner/drinks and play quelf.
i wanna get drunk, but i can't even afford to do that.

i purchased (regrettably) an ipod touch online last week.
it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.
but it looks like fed ex guy isn't even coming into the apartment building.
he's been leaving the notices on the front door.
so... guess who's not gonna get their ipod touch anytime soon?

okay, time to stop being negative.

1 comment:

Liz said...

He cant bring you're IPod to you? The entire box maybe weighs 3 pounds. What an ass.

That sucks that you have to walk through downtown to get to work. I've seen it, its horrendous! I feel for you.

At least you've lost some weight doing it, thats never bad!