Saturday, December 6, 2008

stop hurting yourself

so, i've been doing a lot of complaining recently about a guy at work.
he's really slow and sometimes he doesn't show up for work.
so all of the other signers have to work twice as hard because of him.
over the thanksgiving holiday he pissed us all off.
long story short, he finally put in his two week notice today.
this makes me so happy.
he is a really nice guy, but he just can't do his job.

brandy and steve are the best of friends...


i've been baking again today like a crazy woman.
i finally made some cookies that steve liked. *shock*
they were the cooky cookies with peanut butter chips in them.
i also made some cooky cookies with regular chocolate chips and chunks of a chopped up weight watchers bar (same thing i made a couple days ago).
aaaaaaaand i baked up some cranberry sugar cookies with green sprinkles.


i feel really let down by season 4 of it's always sunny in philadelphia.
this quickly because one of my favorite shows (and only shows i watch).
but this season was just not up to par.
i re-watched the last episode "the nightman cometh" last night with steve.
it was more enjoyable to watch the second time around, but i still feel like it was lacking.
according to wikipedia, it's always sunny will run until at least a 6th season.
hopefully they will be better than season 4!

as usual, i have been scouring the internet for cool (but inexpensive) holiday things to do. i ran across's favorite christmas tradition that i thought was so cool.
unfortunately, i can't really use the idea (because i don't have kids), but i am hoping to come up with something that could play off her wonderful idea.

i have been considering following up my halloween horror movie tradition with the christmas movie tradition this year.
maybe watch 12 of my favorite xmas movies before christmas?
what's your favorite christmas movie?
mine is, without a doubt, a christmas story.
i've watched it EVERY christmas for as long as i can remember...
and it was always a big hit because it was based in Indiana (my home state).
i love everything about this movie. :) it makes me happy just thinking about it.

also, before i forget, i want to thank anyone who took the time to click my google ads the last time i blogged.
i have managed to accumulate a small amount of money from the clicks, but will not see any money until it reaches a certain dollar amount.
so please do not stop clicking.
i want to actually see this first google ads paycheck!

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