Monday, December 8, 2008

it's sweater time!

spokane has had a lot of movies filmed in it's city.
but i never thought i would run into so many movie sets on a regular basis.
today, while i was at work, they filmed a protest scene for the movie oy vey! my son's gay!!.

Dec 07 2008 - VID00050_1

which looks to be a rather retarded movie... i mean, it has carmen electra in it.
then i saw previews for the movie give 'em hell, malone. which was filmed downtown also near the old otis hotel.
i remembered the street being blocked off in the area everyday for about a week when i would walk to work in the mornings... but it looked like construction purposes to me.
but know i realize that was not the case.

like, i have talked about before, i love the site A Year of Crockpotting.
i have now made two recipes from this website.
I am thoroughly impressed with the second one that i tried.
it's called salsa chicken and black bean soup.
i only used one chicken breast for the entire dish, and it was enough.
first, we ate it as a dip with tortilla chips.
but, later we ate it as a real soup.
it lasted me for several meals and was good every time.
this is a new favorite for me.
it's CHEAP and EASY and GOOD.

this is one of my new favorite pictures (it's sweater time!):

i have been heavily considering creating a financial blog of my own of some kind.
maybe not one that actually offers financial advice (because i am not a trained professional),
but maybe just one of those quirky frugal ones.
i just want somewhere to share my ideas about saving money and the steps that i take (or would like to take).
because i know there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of these types of blogs out there now,
i have been kind of hesitant about it.
but i know that most of my friends do not come to my blog to read that stuff, they come to read about how i am doing. :)
does anyone have any thoughts on this idea?

so the christmas movie-athon has begun.
so far we have watched:
1. scrooged
2. a christmas story (my favorite)
3. christmas with the kranks (totally stupid)
i intend on watching the nightmare before christmas and home alone 2 sometime soon. :)


ZombieKitteh said...

I think a frugal blog would be great I've been hunting around for ones here and that's actually how I stumbled across yours. ^_^

Your little chichi is so cute. I dress my cats and I want to make some cute clothes for them.

ZombieKitteh said...

Not really pertaining to your blog but I clicked your "my web page" link and I like your headline on your myspace. lol