Wednesday, December 3, 2008

$5 tees again for the holiday season

this is going to sound really lame.... BUT...
i still have google ads on the left side and bottom of my blog.
every click to one of these ad sites earns me a few cents.
every few cents grows into dollars.... and i am REALLY broke right now.
so if anyone wants to say merry christmas, clicking on the ads would be MUCH appreciated!
it only takes a couple seconds...
i've had thousands of hits to my blog, but very, very very few hits to my ads. :(
just make sure you come back to my blog and read though! :)

i need a cooking utensil holder.
since i moved into this apartment, i have been storing them clumsily in a party tray that i keep on top of the microwave (which also happens to be on top of the fridge).
i have not wanted to dish out money for a fancy one i can attach to the wall above my sink or stove... but i have wanted to make one myself.
i have extra shower curtain hooks that i have been trying to find a use for forever.
if i glue them upside down onto a piece of wood or something, they would be perfect for my utensils to hang from.
but i don't have a piece of wood to use.
...and i don't want to go buy any.
i considered gluing them to a spine of a hardcover book and nailing the book to the wall.
but it just wouldn't be the look that i am going for. lol

i've started a new book called "the time traveler's wife" by audrey niffenegger.
this is a book that i somehow knew i was going to enjoy so much, that i bought two copies of it by mistake. lol
i'm not too far into this thick novel, but so far, it's interesting and entertaining.
this might be a book that i would like to give the other copy to steve's mom (if she hasn't already read it).
unfortunately, i don't see myself finishing this book before the new year (i hope to stay busy doing other things).

my work schedule for this month sucks.
it's part-time... working weekends... and now i am working a few nights also because corporate has decided anytime that we have a one-day sale from now on, they are going to start it at 5pm the day before.
so that means the signers get to come in at 5pm the day before to put up new signs.
at least the holidays will be over soon and i can go back to some sort of normality... if there is such a thing.

i have decided that there is no fool-proof way for me to take a multi-vitamin and not throw up afterwards.
no matter how much i eat before taking these damn pills, i still get sick.
if you don't eat, you get REALLY sick.
if you do eat, you get mildly sick.
oh, the joys of trying to stay healthy.

i LOVE !
they have been offering $5 tees again for the holiday season.
(i tend to only buy when they are $5 anyways)
i think everyone should visit them and show some love. :D

why does everyone give me coupons at work for $10 off a $30 purchase when i clearly can not afford to buy anything from there right now?!
i could have used these damn coupons like... 2 weeks ago!
gee, thanks for nothing.
i wish i could give them away to other people... but they are employee coupons. :(
such a waste.

the lady who writes for her blog
a year of crockpotting
is so cool.
she inspired me to want to get a crockpot again.
it's amazing the kinds of meals/desserts/dips/etc she has made in her crockpots.
i did try one of the recipes (so far!) that she has written in her blog... and it was pretty darn good.
i look forward to using her blog as a reference many, many times in the future.

okay, that's all i have to say for now.

p.s. i want to learn how to knit soon.

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Liz said...

HA! I'm at home all day, I could click on the google links every other hour!!!