Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm a good co-worker to have...

i am excited to announce that i have my very first blogger follower!
that's something that i never thought would happen. lol
i just figured most people found my blog through my myspace.
i guess not. :)
yay for zombie kitty!

i am even more excited to announce that i finally started my "financial" blog!
it has two entries already for you to read.
i don't plan on keeping myspace updated on this blog,
so if you want to be kept up-to-date on the financial blog (sunny savings),
you'll need to subscribe to the rss feed.
you can subscribe either by clicking the rss icon in your foxfire toolbar, or with the subscribe option i have given you on the blog itself.
and of course, if you are a blogspot user, you can just become a follower. :)

guess who's making peppermint bark now??
well, technically, i made some on monday night for steve to take home.
but i made some more today to take with me to work tomorrow.
the peppermint bark reminds me of the new candy cane hershey kisses.
oreo bark is REALLY good too!
which i made a bit of as well. :)
this blog post is also a good peppermint bark making guideline to go by.
i'm a good co-worker to have...


i have decided that audio books would make a really good xmas present for my mom.
she doesn't read, but she has always seemed to like to listen to them instead.
i was going to get her some used ones on paperback swap, but i takes 2 credits versus 1 for a book.
so that was out of the question because i have so few credits left now.
i opted to rent audio books from the library instead and rip them into mp3 format, and then re-burn them to cd.
yes, it's cheap and copyright infringement.
but it's not like i am trying to re-sell these audio books, so i think it's ethically okay to do.
and i think these are something my mom might actually enjoy.


santa's kickin' it in a new hat.
someone in my apartment building set a box of old christmas stuff by the building entrance.
i grabbed up this cute little hat.


ZombieKitteh said...

OREO BARK!!! That sounds awesome. I've only heard of peppermint. >_> I must not get out much.
Thanks for the shoutout lol. I was actually the opposite, I found your myspace through your blog. ^_^
And yay a financial blog!!!

I only buy audiobooks after I have physically read the real book...Ya know like if I want to read it again, without all the work. I guess an audiobook the first time around feels like cheating to me.
Heh I don't pay for movies, music, etc. I mean I don't get them to sell but with me only working 2 days a week now I can't afford DVD's and CD's. Stop feeling so guilty about ripping the cd's. My dad is gonna receive a few homemade DVD movies because I can't find them online.

na0 said...

zombiekitteh - my co-workers liked the oreo bark the best! you just crush up a bunch of oreos and through them in the white almond bark. instant hit!