Friday, September 19, 2008

birthday poem

i haven't really had much to say.
or rather, the desire to type it up.

about a week and a half ago someone dressed in a helmet and cape was skipping around the gazebo in the middle of the park at 5am as i was walking my dog.
he was also playing an accordion.
he reminded me of darth vader,
but it was probably just someone who watched the dark knight one too many times.

work is still going well.
today was one of the guys (colin) on the sign team's birthday.
we sat in the break room and ate cupcakes and drank punch.
then one of the other guys (doug) that i work with made a birthday poem for colin.
it was kind of strange and amusing at the same time.
you learn something new and different about your co-workers everyday.

i watched the first episode of the new season of it's always sunny in philadelphia.
in my opinion, it picked right up right off where it felt in season 3.
i hope that the new season of dexter is just as good.

my mom was supposed to call me this weekend...
and of course, she didn't.
so now that it's the weekend again,
i wonder if she will remember to call?
it's been around 9 months since we have spoken.
it might be good to finally talk again... but maybe not.

last weekend steve and i went to uncle's (a game shop downtown).
steve bought a boardgame called quelf.
it's not intended for just 2 players, but we played it alone anyways.
it's was pretty hilarious and would have been even more fun with other people.
here is one video of steve playing quelf:

this was the most tame one.
i promised not to upload the belly dancing one. lol

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