Tuesday, August 12, 2008

vitamin-induced energy

i think the fact that my car broke down, is pretty much a good omen.
sure, at first i thought my life was tearing a part when it happened...
but now i realize that having my car to drive was keeping me from better things.
like i always wanted to ride the city bus. because it's cheaper, safer, and eco friendly.
but you know as well as i do, i would have never rode the bus alone if my car had not taken a shit.
now, i can officially say, i have rode a city bus before... and it was actually not too bad at all.
also, i have missed a lot of work because my car broke down.
missing work at a job that i know i am better than and a job that is just mentally fucking me over.
so this has also opened up the oppurtunity to find better employment.
i would not be searching quite as hard for a new job if my car had not broken down.
sometimes, it takes a swift kick in the ass before you can get yourself in gear and actually do the things that you need to do.

two cellphone pictures taken at the plaza:



maybe next time i can somehow take video of my visit to the plaza.
when we were waiting there on monday, there were many crazy people to be seen.

steve's mom took us out for ice cream at the cold stone creamery on monday night.
that place is pretty awesome.
i had wanted to go there for a little while... but never really got the chance.
it was cool watching them mix up our ice cream.
their cotton candy ice cream does not taste like cotton candy to me.
that was a tad bit disappointing.
but the cheesecake fantasy was pretty yummy. :)

i want to think of something fun to do with the photos in my 'monsters' myspace photo album.
i want to print them all up and do something...
but i don't know what yet.
any ideas??
they might make for an interesting coffee table book.
i wish i could get monster-esque photos of everyone that i know.

here is a url for the easiest fruit cobbler recipe ever: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Easy-Batter-Fruit-Cobbler/Detail.aspx !!!!
so far, i have made it once with peaches and nectarines and once with red plums and strawberries.
the next time i make it, i will use up some more strawberries and nectarines.
the crust is more cake-like than cobbler-like.... but it's easy, cheap and yummy.
i would suggest using far less butter and sugar though if you plan on making this. :)

eboost.com finally added the coupon function back to their website, so i found a 50% off coupon at retailmenot.com and ordered a 24-pack shipment for half price.
i have been fiending for eboost for a loooooong time now.
it will be nice to get some vitamin-induced energy again. :)

i read this forum entry at an auto website, and think i have a better idea of what might be wrong with my car now:
no, i do not drive a hyundai, but this guy experienced the exact same problems i am having with my car.
so i am fairly certain now it's not the transmission that is wrong with my car, but instead the drum brake pads or something parking brake related.
this makes me a little more relieved that it's not going to be a 1,000-2,000 dollar fix.
but i still can not afford to fix it any time soon.
this is what happens when you don't have an emergency fund in your budget.

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