Sunday, August 3, 2008

special little surprise

so last week was the worst week i've had in awhile!
but as a rule of thumb for me, things ALWAYS get worse before they get better.
i am hoping that it's as bad as it's gonna get though!

as i have written before, work for the month of july was very, very little.
i just barely have enough money to pay my rent for august.
i've been super stressed about this pretty much the entire month of july.
things were looking okay until wednesday. i had another promising job interview, turned in an application for a job that i really wanted, and i also called the human resources lady back for fred meyer.
i had a full week of work to look forward to as well for rgis.
wednesday came along, i called in 'sick' so that i could go to a job interview and apply for another promising job.
on my way to the job interview, my car started making sounds.
i'm pretty sure it needs a new transmission.
like i have a couple grand to pour out for that?
so i missed 3 days of work total so far and i've worked 2 days after the car problem has occurred.
1 day i walked 4 miles to a job site so that i could work.
1 day i had to be picked up by one of the grumpiest co-workers ever.
i told the district manager my car problem will probably be a long-term thing and that she should probably not put me on the work schedule anymore.
i am hoping she will do what i ask.
i hate asking for rides to places as it is... it's even worse when your co-workers try to make you feel even more guilty about it.
it wouldn't be so bad if the buses ran at the hours i work.

so what am i going to do?
i am still holding out hope that i will be employed at fred meyer soon.
that way i will work hours that the buses run and can take the bus until i have enough money saved to fix my car.
if not fred meyer, somewhere close to home.
i am continuing to apply for work in a daily basis... hoping someone nearby with a good job opening wants me.
i do have a plan... but sitting and waiting for it to happen is nerve-wrecking.

i have tried countless times to get ahold of my sister in the past week.
mostly because i wanted to see if i could borrow a bit of money from her.
has she returned my calls or text messages? no.
as soon as she heard i needed a favor, she decided not to contact me back.
she was the one person in my family that i thought would actually help me.
wow... guess i was wrong.
it kind of hurts, but i'm not too terribly upset about it.
i am kind of worried though if maybe she hasn't called me back because there is something wrong.

the only thing that has made last week tolerable was seeing steve a few times early in the week.
being with him helps me take my mind off of my current problems.
i am hoping he will come over tomorrow and stay a couple days with me.
our 3 month anniversary is coming up.... and i want to try to make it somewhat special.
although, it seems like anytime i try to make an event special, it ends horribly (ex: mom's bday, thanksgiving, christmas, my bday).
so far, i only have one special little surprise planned.
i hope to think of some more stuff before tomorrow evening. :)
if anyone has an nice anniversary ideas/plans that require very little money, send me an email. :)

so to continue on with the never-ending saga of the neighbor's unleashed dog...
i came home either tuesday or wednesday from seeing steve... and needed to take my dog outside promptly.
so as we were getting out of the elevator in my building, the neighbor's unleashed dog comes running up to me and my dog and scares my dog.
what did i do?
keep in mind, i warned this neighbor that my dog bites and that she will bite her dog if she lets her dog run around without a leash.
so.... i let my dog bite her dog a couple of times before we walked out the back door of my building.
all the neighbor did was call after her dog (as always) and talk to her dog about how mean my dog is. lol
when my dog was done doing her business outside, i emailed the apartment manager about my neighbor.
she totally sides with me and told me she would give these residents notice.
i don't know if she actually did or not, but she told me to let her know if i see the dog again without a leash.
i'm just glad i'm not going to be held responsible for my dog biting the stupid dog.

being so damn broke lately (the last 3 or 4 months lol) has encouraged me to cook and bake more often than buying pre-made meals.
and i find myself actually enjoying it.
it sometimes amazes me what can be made with flour and eggs.
the only disappointing thing about cooking is that steve does not seem to enjoy most of the things i cook/bake. :(
i'm hoping that someday i'll find something that he will like... besides pizza from pizza pipeline.

the people that have lived here in spokane all of or most of their lives crack me up when they talk about the high crime rate in certain spokane areas.
MAYBE i have not noticed or seen it because i have only lived here since the end of march...
but i really, really, really don't think that's it.
moving from tulsa to spokane was like moving from new york city to a damn country town (as far as crime is considered).
sure, i am exaggerating a bit.
i just wish people that talk about the high crime rate would first go live in my old neighborhood.
my friends were too scared sometimes to even come visit me at home because of my neighborhood!
the people here think i am crazy for living in browne's addition (addiction).
but i feel about 90% safe walking in my neighborhood at anytime of day or night.
and i feel almost as safe walking downtown with the bums and crackheads lurking around.
why? because i have dealt with them first hand for a couple of years.
i guess i have built a tolerance for them.
besides, i have met more crackheads at my own current workplace than i have on the streets of spokane.
i have only seen maybe 20-25 homeless people (that i am aware of) since i moved here.
in tulsa, i would see about 15 in any given day.
it's not because of the areas i have lived in.
i lived close to downtown in tulsa and i live close to downtown here in spokane.
homeless people are drawn to downtown areas.
there are CLEARLY less homeless, bums, drunks, and crackheads here.
but try telling the population of spokane that.
maybe they should visit which even proves my point.
i think the people here are just looking for stuff to complain about because there really isn't much to ACTUALLY complain about.

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