Sunday, August 17, 2008


people who write about their "problems" with the sole purpose of trying to gain sympathy make me want to vomit.
you can usually judge the character of a person based upon what they write about.
if you are a long-time blog reader of mine (or a friend in general), you know i will not write about anything remotely conceited or sexual about my life.
i find it to be pretty gross and i just wish more of my "friends" on myspace felt the same.

with that being said, please forgive me for the following paragraph, but it has to be said just in case something worse happens to me and i never blog again.

i have been getting light-headed a lot over the past 2 or 3 months.
sometimes it happens at work, but most of the time it happens right after having sex.
steve and i were taking a shower together on friday after having sex with me on top doing a lot of the work (so i was exhausted).
all of a sudden in the shower i got light-headed and then i stopped breathing and blacked out.
luckily steve was there to help me stand-up until i collapsed and fell in the tub.
but if he had not been there, i would have cracked my head open on something probably.
i don't know if just being exhausted (and lack of food and water) that day caused it, or if it was something more serious.
i worry that it could be anything from pregnancy to brain cancer (light-headedness and the many big knots on my head)....
all i know is that it was the worst feeling i have ever had in my life.
if it happens again, i can only hope that someone will be around to help me or at least i fall on something soft.
i could go to the doctor and take another financial blow.... but what if it turns out to be just exhaustion?
so i am hoping that with whatever new job i get soon, i will be able to sign-up for health insurance again and get this looked into.
hopefully it won't be too late.

i started reading a new book called "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time".
it's kind of a quirky book.
i had no idea what it was about at all when i started reading it.
from what i have been able to gather so far, the main character is autistic.
it seems only fitting that i would pick a book with a main character with a mental illness.
i'm almost half-way through the book, so hopefully i will be able to write about this book so more before i finish it.

it's been over 100 degrees here today.
and the only place i find this to be a miserable weather condition is in my own apartment building.
the a/c has been working 24/7 to try to keep my apartment remotely cool.
but as soon as you step out into the hallway, you wish you hadn't.
outside at ground-level, it's tolerable.
i would take 100 degree washington weather any day over 80 degree midwest weather.
luckily, it will be cooling down soon though. :)

so it looks like i am back on the work schedule for rgis.
luckily, all of the jobs i have in the next 2 weeks are ones that i can be picked-up for in the car pool.
but in september, that's a different story.
i am scheduled to work at 2am tomorrow morning.
but i have yet to be able to get ahold of anyone to make sure that i will be picked up.
so maybe i will, maybe i won't.

i have yet another job interview at macy's on tuesday.
i don't plan on fucking this one up like i did the last one by showing disinterest.
i will take just about any job possible just to get away from my current job.
plus macy's downtown is close to home for me.
that's pretty much one of the deciding factors right now sadly enough.

i made the best pancakes ever this weekend.
i was very impressed with how delicious they were.
usually, half way through eating pancakes you lose interest.
but these were the best i have ever made from scratch.
i want to make them all of the time now.
here is the link to the recipe i used:
mine were topped with a little bit of maple syrup, powdered sugar, strawberries and cool whip topping.
friggan fattening, but worth it!

i also made a blueberry and nectarine cobbler over the weekend.
we ended up eating it all in the same night.
it was pretty damn yummy also.
this was my third time making this cobbler recipe... it's pretty much fool-proof.
i will probably continue to make this cobbler for a long time to come.
i really like trying out different mixed fruit variations.
i wanna make one with blackberries next.

i also made a pizza following this pizza crust recipe:
i have been having a lot of trouble making a good pizza crust from scratch.
this one came out better than usual, but still not right.
although the corn meal sprinkled on the pizza pan was a good idea.
i think it's either because i did not use bread flour or because i didn't let the dough sit and rise for long enough.
next time i will use bread flour and let it rise, and hope for the best.

so i got my eboost shipment in yesterday in the mail.
i feel a lot less 'dragassy' now.
this will help keep me more motivated at work and home now.
and i won't have to pay over $2 for energy drinks anymore.

i bought a cheap bicycle basket on ebay a few days ago.
i can't really afford it... but i feel like it's a need rather than a want right now.
it'll make it a lot easier to tote grocery-type items from the store to home.
and picnic-type items as well. :)
and maybe i could make a little seat in it for brandy to have a ride with me....
if she doesn't totally freak out that is.

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