Wednesday, August 27, 2008

making marla's mom into soap

there was a fire in my building after work yesterday.
lucky it was on the first floor and no real damage was done.
but i will be getting renter's insurance soon just in case something more sever happens in the future.
the elevator in my building has been broken for about 4 or 5 days now.
it sucks walking up 5 flights of stairs several times a day...
but at least i'm getting more exercise in i guess.
hopefully they are able to get it fixed soon though!

macy's has some strange policies, but on other things they seem to have total lack of concern.
like, in order to get your employee discount, you have to sign-up for a macy's credit card or a pre-paid credit card.
i think that's a really stupid way to give their employees discounts.
but at the same time, they don't drug test.
which i think they should with it being a high-end department store.
but a good things is, i will be eligible to sign-up for health insurance through them after my first 30 days.

today was my first official day of work and it seemed to go fine.
all of my co-workers on the fifth floor and within my signing crew have been very nice and helpful.
all i did today was go around and switch out old price signs for sale signs.
and if it didn't have a sale sign, i would make one.
pretty easy stuff.
tomorrow hopefully i will do something different though.

what i find to be incredibly amusing is that a customer service manager emailed me from envirosax today about an order i placed (and never received) back in november 2007.
apparently she was unaware that i did finally receive my refund for the sacks (after being called a liar by the "founder" of the company).
this customer service manager requested i give her my credit card number to do a refund.
lol like that was gonna happen.
and she was sorry that my previous experience soured me on the company.
i made sure she knew that it more than sourer me.
and that if i changed my mind, i could contact her directly about ordering.
to me, this sounds like a scam. i would never ever trust or buy from ever!
sure, they have some cute bags, but i always place customer service first when i decide to purchase something.

i have to go to the ups branch on broadway to pick up the bicycle basket that i had shipped to me.
apparently the dumbshit that i bought it from failed to put my apartment number on the form. nice.
so i have to waste my time and money to go pick it up sometime soon.
i also had to go to the downtown post office and pick up a package of spices i ordered online because the mail man didn't want to walk up 5 flights of stairs. whaaaaaaa... lazy bastards.

anyways, the spices were bulk spices from the monterey bay spice company.
i've smelled a few of the spices, and they smell great.
my new ground cinnamon actually smells better and bolder than my crappy mccormick brand.
i have used a couple in making my black bean burgers and the spices not only smell good, but taste good.
but they are very well packaged and they even threw in some freebie teas since i also ordered a 1/4 pound of peppermint tea from them.
their prices are SUPER CHEAP.
but the minimum order is $20.00 ... which i spent a little more than.
i couldn't see paying over $6.00 for a small bottle of cumin at my local grocery store when i could get a little more than the same amount for $1.40. seriously.
i plan on getting some of these next to store all of my spices more organized in.

anyways, so yeah.. i finally got around to making black bean burgers.
if i do ever make them again, i will opt to leave out the green bell pepper.
the recipe actually yielded 8 or 9 (i lost count) patties.
so i froze them between pieces of wax paper.
they were actually decent tasting.
i have had mass-produced black bean burgers before, so i knew what to expect.
sure, its not as tasty as beef... but it's cheaper and healthier for you.
if you load your burger up with lettuce, tomato, cheese and all the condiments you normally eat on a burger, you can hardly tell the difference.
i recommend giving it a try.

i wish i could get more done on my list of goals.
sometimes just seeing them listed helps me want to get them done so i that i have one less goal to see on my list.

i finished reading fight club.
i've read a few of chuck palahniuk's novels and i have seen fight club the movie countless times.
i think i prefer the movie over the book.
there are maybe a handful of ideas in the book i would have liked to seen played out in the movie, but overall, i preferred the movie.
my favorite parts of the book is when tyler mentions that marla said she wanted to have tyler's abortion.
and when they making marla's mom into soap.
i guess i mostly preferred the way the sequence of events played out in the movie better.

i will start george orwell's animal farm this evening.

i should be getting chuck palahniuk's novel snuff in the mail soon through
but i've heard that it is not very good.

thanks to steve, i am addicted to that stupid myspace app game mobsters.
and i went ahead and joined vampires as well (just like mobsters).
i hope to not play those games much anymore because they are sucking the life out of me.

so i have found so many cool-looking shops downtown since i've started walking and taking the bus.
when i become rich and famous, i'm going to buy stuff in all of these little shops, i swear!

i dunno if anyone uses hard candy cosmetics, but they are all on sale for 75% off.
i think they are discontinuing a bunch of stuff.
might be worth checking out!
i may buy some eyeliner from them since my "good" eyeliner is almost gone.

i finally found arm & hammer washing soda in a store!
i searched high and low at every store in tulsa to find it, and then just out of curiosity i looked at the grocery store by my apartment, and it was there!
this will help me with the laundry detergent recipe i've been wanting to try for over a year now.
so i bought the washing soda, now all i really need is borax (which was on the shelf right next to it) and a 5 gallon bucket to mix it all in.
i'll save a massive amount of money on laundry soap if i can manage to make this stuff.

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