Saturday, August 23, 2008

stubbly hobo "beard"

yes, it's true... i got the job at macy's that i was hoping for. :)
i will be working on the signing crew for the 5th floor.
i walked home from my interview grinning ear to ear and so a lot of people stopped and talked to me that day. lol
so it's a little less than a mile and a half from my apartment, so i will walk to work in the mornings (because i have to be there before the buses run) and i will take a bus home everyday.
it will save me about $20 a week in gas opposed to the rgis job. :)
the bus picks up practically in front of my building and drops off at the bus plaza which is right around the block from macy's!
so there is no big hurry/worry to get my car fixed. :)
finally everything is coming back together again for the time being.
i start work on tuesday.
it's only 25 hours a week (mon-fri 6am-11am), but the pay is a dollar more an hour than rgis with quarterly evaulations/raises.
so i will be making a lot more money in no time.
the supervisor i interviewed with was very very nice and sweet and i think i will like working there a lot.
plus i don't have to go out and buy a bunch of new fashionable clothes because they don't really have a dress code (within reason).

so with the $20 saved in gas each week,
i am placing in one of my ING bank account to save for a weekend trip to seattle sometime before winter.
hopefully i will have my car fixed by then as well! :P

ming wah chinese restaurant by my neighborhood was the best chinese food i have eaten since i moved here!
i was pleasantly surprised because the place seriously looks like a run-down shack from the outside.
steve ordered us take-out of beef & broccoli and sweet & sour chicken.
we got such large portions, we had enough for two meals.
i think i found my new favorite spokane restaurant! :)

steve drank 1 entire glass of a mixed alcoholic beverage last night and he was annoying as hell.
i should have been the highly annoying one, but nope.
note to self: don't allow steve to drink unless you want to listen to him sing a bunch of random made-up songs to you all night and tickle you with his stubbly hobo "beard".

we went to riverfront park for a couple of hours today and walked around.
mostly just sat around watching the ducks and geese.
but i took some photos of more sculptures and whatnot.

we also went into boo radley's for the first time ever.
i LOVE that place so much.
i would like to buy all of my xmas presents to people from there, seriously.

i am almost pretty sure that i love spokane way more than i did indianapolis now.
if indianapolis had a park like riverfront park downtown and had lots of mountains and trees, it would be a tougher call.
thank you to anyone and everyone that has helped me see some of the nicest things in spokane.
i hope that i continue to find new cool things (to me) frequently.

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