Saturday, May 31, 2008

you people need to stay away from me

friday morning for work we went to a town near moscow, idaho.
i was the only regular auditor to go.
all of the rest were supervisors.
so that made me kind of nervous.
and i guess i will never understand why i was picked.
on the way back from our job, we stopped off at a small grocery store where half the crew proceeded to buy liquor.
then we went to a smoke shop.
i was really shocked that we didn't stop by the cda casino while we were at it.
these people are supervisors.... and they are buying liquor on the clock!
but, one of the supervisors said she'd mention to the lady that makes the schedules that i want more hours.
i don't know if she will remember to tell her or not though. but it would be nice.

i worked my first grocery store today.
i liked doing it more than any other retail store i have done inventory at.
it was way easier to count and didn't require scanning anything.
i hope in the future they give me more to do.

so there is this artfest going on in my neighborhood with this little festival in cda park and roads closed off for live music.
and guess who had to walk a half mile from where she had to park her car to get to her apartment today?
instead of these people using the public shuttle to the event, they take up all of the residential parking.
needless to say, i'm peeved about it, and will be glad when it is over.

i have this nice big insect bite on my arm now.
at first i thought it was a mosquito bite, but i'm sure it's a spider bite now.
if it gets any bigger, i'll have to go to the hospital.
wouldn't you know... the one time in my life that i don't have health insurance to help.
hopefully it will go down and go away instead though.

there are seriously about 5-7 people on my friends list that are getting married really soon or JUST got married.
what's up with that?!
everyone decided summer of 2008 sounded good?
and then there are all the people on my list that have or will have babies in 2008.
it's scary... you people need to stay away from me. :P

mindless self indulgence was in town last night.
and i missed it... because i'm a broke bitch.
i probably wouldn't have went anyhow because i don't like to go to shows by myself.
but they would have been really nice to see for the 3rd time.
maybe next time.

i seriously can't be motivated to do anything.
if it can be put off, it will be... until the last possible moment.
there is a lot i should be doing. but i seriously just can't.
i need some serious positive motivation.
i should start drinking caffeine again.

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Elizabeth said...

OMG! If I had known MSI was in town, I would have won us tickets!

Next time time..