Thursday, May 29, 2008

sleep next to me

i was laying in bed with the dog listening to a folk music playlist mix i made quite awhile back.
it immediately brought back a memory of me listening to the same playlist with headphones at night.
i was listening to the mix rather loudly as i tried to sleep and drown out the cries of my new puppy in her cage next to my bed.
brandy was crying because it was her first time in a cage by herself and all she wanted to do was sleep next to me.

i wonder if it's a coincidence that my 2 favorite movies filmed in spokane are about mental illness.
i am starting to wonder.

i let someone so quickly into my life recently.
which was a mistake and i should have known it.
he left my life just as abruptly.
i feel like i was cheated.
but it's a lesson learned.
next time, i will be more hesitant ... even if it feels right.

i have been keeping in contact with my friend mickey via email a lot recently.
i can't wait to see him ... if he comes up here on his 2 week vacation.
he said his uncle just got back from vacation and spent 1500.00 in gas alone!
but he says he is taking a vacation no matter what. :)
i really should start thinking of things we could do while he is up here.
it would be kind of weird to meet him and be like... "well, do you want to go to jack in the box?"

i found out that if i were to get a second pet,
it would cost me an additional $150 non-refundable pet deposit.
weird thing is that she won't accept a check for it. only money order or cash.
she accepted checks for my last pet deposit and monthly rent.
i find this to be a little shady. so i will not be getting a second pet anytime soon after all.

celebrated sheena's birthday.
there will be a video on youtube soon of her doing the robot.
look for it.

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