Wednesday, May 21, 2008

start wearing two pairs of socks

i can finally fit into my "skinny" jeans again.
i have only been able to wear them a couple of times in the last 4 or 5 years because they have been too small.

i have decided i want to ride a city bus.
i have never rode one...
but this is 2008... the year of big changes for me.
so i figured i should probably ride a bus.
i'm hoping to take one downtown on friday afternoon and walk around downtown for a bit and take pictures.

it's pretty bad when someone calls and leaves you a message for a job interview,
and then when you try to return their call,
they are busy all 7 times you attempt it.
apparently they don't want to interview me too bad.

i finally got the usps application in the mail.
i was starting to wonder if rita forgot about me!
it pays $12 an hour. not super great, but better than what i am making now.
plus it's part-time graveyard.
graveyard gets pay differential rate as well.
so i will get the lengthy application filled out and mailed back in by tomorrow.

i heard one of the other auditors comment today how physically demanding our jobs are.
i was glad to hear someone else bitching about it also.
i thought it was just me because i had not actually worked in a month.
i got new work shoes today... i had them ordered from a catalog.
and i don't like them now that i have them.
they slide up and down on my heel. :(
maybe i will just start wearing two pairs of socks or something.
they will be good shoes once they are broke in.

RGIS emailed me my pay stub for the last pay period.
that's kind of nice to know ahead of time how much money you will have... or won't.
my paycheck will be a little bit more than expected. so that's really good. :)

maintenance guy should be by tomorrow to finally fix my cold faucet in the bath tub and get me some bedroom blinds.
i also found out that i can put in my own a/c window unit if i want!
i'm kind of excited about that.
so in a few weeks i will probably look into getting one.

yay for getting my partylite candles in!
i was impatiently awaiting my porch lemonade candles.
and the soaps are so nice i don't even want to use them!

there was a little half-siamese kitten on my fire escape outside my bedroom window this evening in the rain.

luckily, i found the cat's owner not too long after i found the kitty. :)
i was so close to growing attached to the cute little thing too.

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Anonymous said...

That cat looks fully like a lilac point Siamese. I wouldn't have thought it was half.

Good job fitting in your skinny jeans! Wish I could say the same about me... oh well.