Monday, May 19, 2008

amused... not assumed

well, my curiosity has been put to rest.
the irs finally issued me a notices stating how much and when i will receive my economic stimulus rebate.
i had never gotten one before stating i was due a rebate even though i filed taxes.
but finally i got the notice. so yay!
darn rebate it cutting it close.
i need it to help me pay the rent this month. eeck! :(

mom finally emailed me back and with pictures of their new home and whatnot.
so i guess she was not avoiding me, she was just busy.

doug is supposed to be getting married at the end of july.
but i guess no one thinks that's going to happen.
if it would a very good thing if it didn't happen actually.

this is really cute...

Puff Sleepin'

more random videos brought to you by me:

(should read : easily amused... not assumed.)

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