Monday, May 26, 2008

practically stalking

i got my new RGIS schedule in the mail friday.
i have 11 new jobs through the 20th.
this schedule is considerably more than last months.
which is a very good thing...
but there are a couple in moscow, idaho again.
one of them requires me to drive there myself.
so i will probably tell them i cannot do that one.
i am not wasting 4 hours driving and my gas money to drive that far for something that will probably only take 4.5 hours in itself to do.
i just can't afford to do that.
i'll have to call the office and find out i guess.

friday and saturday we watched all episodes of it's always sunny in philadelphia from season 1 to 3.
it was good to have someone else to watch it with.

a creepy neighbor of mine was practically stalking us saturday.
he knocked on my door 3 or 4 times.
first time to borrow 10 bucks.
second time to know if we wanted a beer.
third time to see if he could hangout with us.
i think that's all.
i was surprised he didn't continue to keep coming by.
if i had been alone, i would have been slightly freaked out.
i might have made "friends" with the wrong neighbors, eh?
...but i have had far worse neighbors... so i shouldn't complain.

it has been decided that the next video i make will be of a big toe war.
similar to thumb war.. but with the big toe.
this will also involve one foot trying to tickle another person's foot.
sure to be mighty entertaining.
or not. we'll see.

i still have yet to go geo caching.
last weekend would have been perfect for it.
maybe in a couple of weekends i will give it a try.
it probably won't even be fun anyways.

i've been going through my old photo albums.
it's been decided that there are some photos i don't need anymore.
so i have been ripping up a lot of them today.
i need to order a bunch of new prints also.
so i will probably spend some time compiling a folder full of photos to order prints of.
i have been meaning to put together a new album for a long time.
it would be nice to have a few new framed photos as well.

i ordered 5 more books through
i really, really need a bookcase or two.
i still have a tote of books in my car that i never unpacked.
then again, i have not read much lately anyways. :\

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