Saturday, May 17, 2008

"ensure a good home"

things have been going incredibly well in all areas except financially lately.
but i am far from complaining.

i finally got ahold of rita at the post office about a job in processing.
she is going to send me out some information and application in the mail. :)
it's a part-time night shift job... but it should be decent.

i talked to my bestest retard friend mickey thursday.
we just played catch up on each other's lives.
i hadn't talked to him in a couple of weeks, so it was really nice.
he told me he is taking vacation in a couple of weeks and might be heading up this way!
i am SO SO SO excited!
for me to be able to see a friend from tulsa right now would just be awesome.
i hope that he can stay at least a day so i can show him around a bit.
but i guess that would require me knowing of cool places to go in spokane. lol
i must do some more research soon.

steph's party is sunday afternoon.
we haven't talked a whole lot about it.
i'm hoping she can get something worked out so that more guests can attend.
the last party i did was a huge flop.
but i think even the one after steph's will be good.
i talked to lynda today and she seemed very confident that she's gonna have a lot of guests.
and i will need to send her some post card invites out in the next day or so.

i sent mom another email on thursday since she never replied back to the last.
and still no reply to this email either.
either sometime is wrong... or she isn't willing to talk to me after all.
but i think if something was wrong, someone would have called me.

met steve at merlyn's downtown thursday.
that was more fun that i anticipated it being.
i think that's something i will want to do again soon.

i need to buy a fan really, really soon.
the apartment was super warm friday and today...
so any unnecessary moving made me break out in a sweat.
therefore, i did a lot of laying about.

i need to get my ass in gear and start getting more stuff done!
i just really haven't felt like doing anything at all this week unless i am forced to.
i keep thinking back to the days i worked 2 full-time jobs last spring and barely had time to sleep in between and wonder how i did it?

i am hoping to meet melissa tonight.
i have yet to meet her, but she seems pretty cool.
her 21st birthday is wednesday.
ahhh to be 21 again. :)

i want to get a second pet.
i've been looking on craigslist constantly,
but everyone wants a damn "rehoming fee" to "ensure a good home".
that's bullshit. people with money does not automatically mean they will love the animal and take care of it.
and just because i don't want to dish out $50-$100 for a pet,
doesn't mean i'm a bad person.
i either want to get a female chihuahua/chihuahua mix or a bunny.
if anyone living in the area, has any ideas on how i could adopt a cheap/free bunny or chihuahua let me know. :)

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