Monday, April 14, 2008

weird and awkward

eagle vs shark is a great movie.
it's completely weird and awkward.
just the way i like it.
it stars jemaine clement from the flight of the conchords also.
i always thought he was kind of weird,
now it's certain.

i got to see my new apartment today.
and i fell in love.
its way bigger than i expected.
it's got LOTS of windows.
it has a HUGE walk in closet.
big kitchen.
nice sized bedroom.
bathroom doesn't have the same ugly tiling this studio has.
i don't care for the white carpet though.
but it's workable.
and the unit is at the end of the hall by itself.
peace and quiet.
i move in in a few days.
i think it will probably be ready wednesday.
but i'll probably wait until thursday to start moving in.

april has invited me to attend a partylite party in coeur d alene, idaho on wednesday.
it sounds like fun and hopefully i will learn some stuff.
i like to think of it as a bit of training.
so hopefully soon i can host my own partylite party. yays!

i need to get new car insurance really soon.
i am pretty sure my currently policy does not cover washington.
anyone have an insurance company that offers them a reasonable price?
farmers insurance sent me a quote via email that looked good... but they don't even have all of my info to make the quote completely accurate.

i don't think i have mentioned this before,
but i am going to actually publish my blog this year into a book.
blurb makes it pretty and inexpensive to do.
i think it would be a great thing to have...
because i have always kept journals... just not handwritten ones recently.
i would like to have my accomplishments (and failures) down on paper.

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