Sunday, April 13, 2008

hi, i'm poppyseed muffin today...

i'm so excited!
i just found a big 3'x4' cork board outside beside the apartment dumpster!
it's exactly what i needed to create my vision board.
i'm gonna make it my bed headboard when i get settled into the other apartment.
need to spray disinfectant on it first though.

an asian couple moved out of the building on friday.
as far as i know, the only people moving out in mid-month are the people in the apartment i am supposed to be moving into.
SO maybe i will get to move into the new apartment soon?!
i will have to talk to the apartment manager monday about it.
i hate bothering her so much about it,
but i don't know how much longer i can live in this studio.
... it's really sucking the life out of me.

i finally finished all of my financial aid/loan crap for school online thursday.
now i just need to study for the placement test.
which really should not be that hard anyways.
because it turns out i won't even be taking any math courses until the second school year,
and even then, it's just PRE-algebra.
stuff i did in middle school. lol
i'm more worried about the reading/comprehion part.

for anyone that has been to seattle or western washington for that matter,
what would you suggest seeing?
i am considering going by snoqualmie and north bend (the 2 towns twin peaks was filmed in).
has anyone been there?
i think they would be kind of boring to see....
but nonetheless, i would like to go anyhow.

went and saw prom night at the theater with my new friend steph on saturday night.
it was an awesome good time,
even though the movie sucked.
must see the 80's prom night movie soon.
i'm betting its better.

i saw a little girl (maybe 5 years old?) with a bright pink mohawk.
it was real.
it's one of the strangest things i have ever seen.
and her mother was right beside her standing in line at the grocery store.
who does that to their child's hair?
at least wait like 10 years to let them do it to their own hair.
i just found it to be a bit disturbing.

i edited another video.
jennifer, i know you don't like it when i put you in my videos...
i'm sorry... but i fall into a fit of laughter every time i watch this.
hopefully michael won't care too much either.
the video quality is pretty damn bad though...
so no one will know it's you. hah

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