Thursday, April 17, 2008

chug it in the bathroom

an old co-worker called me out of the blue the other night.
of course i couldn't answer the phone because i knew the call would just get cut off anyways.
so we played text tag for a while.
i was really shocked he cared enough to try to get ahold of me now that he isn't really obligated to.
you never realize sometimes that people are thinking about YOU.
i miss him a lot.
he was kind of like a big brother to me... except shorter.
we always had retarded family reunions when we got together.
and everyone would be like... 'dang, they're laughing too damn much'.
i am supposed to call him sometime this week.
he went out on a date with a lady that is in her mid thirties but looks 50.
he can never win.
he always makes me feel better about myself when i hear his stories.

allen sent me a text that said "just so you know, it sucks here since you left".
hahah i knew it!

i got someone on craigslist to sell me their roomba.
i got it for half the price i would have paid for it new.
it appears to work well.
my dog is not very fond of this little robot vacuum yet.
i thought the new carpet was white...
but it's more of a tan.... i dunno what i was thinking.

i got a haircut a couple days ago and found the leave-in hair treatment stuff by matrix that i have been searching for.
when i walked out of the salon, it snowed.

i hate how some things are just outrageously priced here in the grocery stores.
who the hell pays $5 for oatmeal?
and nearly $4 a pound for nectarines.
jergens natural glow lotion was $7 !!!!
i'm used to getting it for like 3 or 4 bucks.
i need to find the lotion jennifer gave me. sheesh.

i also hate street parking.
if you don't make it home by like 7 o'clock, your fucked on parking.
and if you make it home at like 1 or 2 am... you may as well forget it!
i can't wait until someday i can get reserved parking.
i had to park like a block away from my apartment building the other night.

i have started to move into my new apartment.
little by little... the elevator sucks ass.
and i am starting to wonder if my new sofa will even fit down the narrow halls upstairs... and even more so into the doorway of my apartment.
my luck, it won't.
but the guy i am buying it from seems to think it'll work.
and i think i'm seriously going to need a man's help getting my big ass tv stand upstairs also.
why me?

i only have one more night of sleeping on the air mattress!
when i get to sleep in a real bed again after 2 1/2 weeks of practically sleeping on the floor,
i just won't know what to do with myself.
i've grown used to literally rolling out of bed every morning.

for the record,
steph is the only person i have met that brings a fifth of jager to a bar with her in her purse...
and then proceeds to chug it in the bathroom.
way to be!

anyways, i better stop typing now and go buy a blender!

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