Tuesday, April 29, 2008

stripper pole

since there are no aldis or save-a-lots out here..
i have been subjected to paying high prices for groceries.
but i found out about grocery outlet not long ago.
i bought some food there last week.
it's set up like a save-a-lot, it offered generic food and name brand at discount prices.
i can not even express how HAPPY i was when i found out about this place.
i paid $6 for enough food to last me 3 or 4 days,
compared to $25+ i was paying at the local grocery store for food that would last me just as long.
seriously... this is the best thing that has happened in like days...
it's even better than getting my car fixed. lol

steph took me around to a couple humane societies on friday.
we played with the doggies and kitties.
but neither of us adopted.
i can't believe they want $95 to adopt a dog.
yeah, it covers all the vet shit, but still.
so adopting is a little out of naomi's budget right now.

i got my way and got to play uno friday night!
it was totally awesome... until we had to play phase 10.
jeff is officially my dog's boyfriend.
sorry steph.

i met up with april saturday night for a partylite show she was doing in the valley.
she was running late, so i helped set up and everything.
and it ended up running later than i thought it would...
but the hostess had such great guests and april also made her show just look so damn easy. lol
she even got on the stripper pole. hahah
i don't think she likes me telling everyone that....

sunday night i had my own show at my apartment.
not a great turn out... but we still had fun.
and i got to meet a neighbor of mine that i would not have otherwise met.
no one drank any champagne,
sooooo i drank it by myself later that night.

my neighbor angela and i went to the regional meeting for partylite in the valley on monday evening.
that was a lot of fun and i picked up a few good ideas.
once again, i met more nice people and angela went home with a bunch of free candles for being my guest.
which i was totally jealous about... but it's still awesome that she got so much. :)

so my neighbor also goes to the same community college that i will be attending in the fall.
she takes the bus there.
and i was curious about that, so she explained which bus she takes and all that good stuff.
so i think i will probably take the bus to and from school when i start.
it will save me money in the long run.
gas prices are just ridiculous up here.
i really can't afford to drive anymore than i have to.

i found out that i will not be getting my irs stimulus check direct deposited thanks to h&r block.
if you used a tax service and had your fees deducted from your refund,
you will be issued a paper check, regardless if your refund was direct deposited or not.
so i won't see mine until like may 23rd?
that is, if it doesn't get lost because i've switched addresses 3 times in the past month.

there is a lowe's in the valley that is hiring for a part-time receiver.
that's right up my alley.
4 hours a day (early mornings 4-8), 5 days a week.
so i applied online tonight.
i need the extra income pretty bad, but i don't want it to mess with my partylites schedule and my soon-to-be school schedule.
if they don't call me back by the weekend,
i'm gonna call them myself... because it sounds like a great position for me.

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